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Mr. Joachim Bulemela is an online advertising guru, but he didn’t become one overnight. It took ten years of extensive work experience in many areas of the corporate sector, but particularly, online advertising. As an ambitious and hardworking professional, Joachim has always been ahead of the ever-changing business entrepreneurial world. With the challenging economies in many countries today and competitive business environments, Joachim saw an opportunity to create a consulting company that would be completely virtual but able to provide the same standard of services to clients in a way that is simpler (not involving lots of hoops with legal contracts, complex project phases, or large groups of people) and more affordable.

In 2014, he founded Yourbackupemployee Inc., a full service digital marketing agency that continuously innovates and develops effective online strategies for forward-thinking companies and has a proven track record in building and growing businesses online.

So when your company is in desperate times, whether due to things like: restructuring, expansion, in need of unique talent, financial status, workload peaks, one-off to long-term projects, or employee maternity leave and vacation, that’s exactly what Yourbackupemployee is there to do - back you up - a business name creatively based off this vision.

Backing Up Clients

Today, Yourbackuemployee Inc focuses specifically on providing the following consulting services for its clients:

  • Online set up (website development designing and branding).
  • Digital footprint expansion (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Reach to target audience (Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing).
  • Performance tracking, reporting, and billing (implementation of web analytics platforms).
  • Building revenue channels to help exploit opportunities efficiently (revenue and yield management in traditional banner advertising, videos, newsletters, emails and more).
Our vision is to be globally recognized as the most reliable backup strategy for companies when in desperate situations.

Yourbackupemployee Inc.’s client base consists of all types of businesses across various industries that need to establish an online presence and reach their targeted audience in the most efficient and affordable approach. But as they serviced their clientele, Joachim and his team detected there were problems - big problems - on the backend.

Though they were hosting their site on Bluehost and running it using Wordpress, they still noticed the loading speed was always an issue. Having two additional sites (tourismkit.comand outsourcingintz.com) along with yourbackupemployee.com and all of them being continuously hacked and infected by malware, this was something Joachim needed to be addressed fast.

Security and Speed

Initially, we thought it was due to heavy images, plugins, and other content related materials. Later on, the issue evolved to the site being infected and different types of malware removal software started alerting our site visitors that the website is malicious. Our customer acquisition through website dropped because visitors quickly shut down our websites as soon as malware removal software on their computers alerted them that our website is malicious.

Referred to Sucuri by Bluehost, Joachim feels this was definitely the best business decision he could’ve made for his company. The solutions employed were the package Sucuri Platform and Firewall which have proven dependable. Any malware issues previously experienced dissipated and the site speed improved.

We can now focus on our business operations rather than trying to deal with hackers or protecting our site, Sucuri takes care of everything in that aspect – headache free! Visitors, who pretty much are my clients, were being warned by their malware removal software that my site(s) are malicious. As the result, I faced a huge challenge to convert clients online (as I usually have potential clients contacting me through forms after they have reviewed my services).
Getting Sucuri malware removal and firewalls did put me back online and now I can continue acquiring customers via my sites…..additionally I am receiving perks, like speed optimization, which truly helps with the loading of my sites. In general, I am no longer worrying about attacks since I have Sucuri protecting my sites.

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