Speed Optimization

Website CDN Performance & Speed Optimization

We’re serious about speed. Website security should never degrade the user experience. The Sucuri CDN caches your website content automatically and improves website speeds by an average of 60%

Website Security
Guaranteed Malware Removal
Guaranteed Malware Removal
Protection Against Future Hacks
Protection Against Future Hacks
24/7 Security Team
24/7 Security Team
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Speed Optimization

Improve website speed by 60% on average with our caching options and global content delivery network (CDN).

Multiple Caching Options

Multiple caching options available for every type of website. Protection and speed optimization combined.

Reliable Website Uptime

Have your website up and running 24 hours a day. Reliable website uptime and improved website load speed.

High Availability

High availability and redundancy prevent network interruptions. The CDN runs on a globally distributed Anycast network.

Built for all platforms

How to Activate Website Protection

Steps to activate Website Hack Protection and DDoS Attack Prevention


Add Site to the WAF

If your site is under a DDoS attack, select “I am currently under attack”. Next, restrict Admin access to whitelisted IP addresses.


Protect Data in Transit

Sucuri automatically creates SSL certificates for your firewall server. Professional or Business plans can upload custom SSL certificates.


Activate Protection

Enable the firewall by changing your DNS records. When activated, the firewall intercepts and inspects all incoming packets, only allowing safe requests.


Choose Caching Options

Now that your website is protected, power up your speed. Choose between our high-performance caching options for maximum site optimization.

Sucuri CDN Map

Sucuri CDN’s built-in network is responsible for caching your website automatically. The CDN is able to speed your website by 60%, no configuration required.

Web traffic is malicious
Websites are hacked daily
DDoS attacks increase yearly
Guaranteed protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Faster Website Performance

Your clients enjoy faster page speeds. You pay less for bandwidth.

Dedicated Support

We offer customized onboarding, education, and a dedicated account specialist.

Easy Set Up

No installation – we only need web server credentials and a DNS change.

No installation – we only need web server credentials and a DNS change.

You can add, remove, or replace sites to meet your needs.

Website Scanning & Malware Detection

Scan your websites for malware, hacks, and blocklist status. Receive automated, website-specific alerts from our state-of-the-art website malware scanner.

Block DDoS Attacks

Avoid downtime with our global Anycast network and web application firewall (WAF). Patch vulnerabilities and block threats with our WAF’s intrusion prevention system.