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Some Platforms We Support Wordpress Joomla Drupal Magento Microsoft Dot Net OSCommerce vBulletin PhpBB
Features Website AntiVirus Website Firewall
Stop Hackers Yes Yes
DDOS Mitigation Yes Yes
Performance Optimization Yes Yes
Web Application Firewall Yes Yes
Malware Detection Yes No
Malware Cleanup Yes No
Blacklist Removal Yes No
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Distributed Denial of Service - DDOS Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service

(DDoS) Mitigation

DoS / DDoS attacks have increased in popularity. They are easy to employ and highly effective in causing your website long downtimes and bandwidth bills. The goal is to disrupt your business by taking your website offline. The Sucuri Firewall includes DDoS protection by default and we can scale to handle even the largest sites in the planet.

Layer 7 HTTP Flood Attacks

DNS Amplification Attacks

SSDP Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service - DDOS Mitigation

Brute Force

Protection and Prevention

Regardless of platforms, attackers are looking to hack your website by any means possible. One very popular technique employs a concept known as Brute Force attacks. This technique is antiquated, yet highly effective. Basically it tries every possible combination of username and password against your login panel to guess the right combination, in turn gaining access to your website.

Throttling of Access Attempts to Entry Points

Brute Force Attacks Against WordPress, Joomla and Others

Introduction of IP Whitelisting Access Features

Vulnerability Exploitation Prevention

Stop Website

Attacks and Hacks

The biggest contributing factor to website hacks today comes from insecure code. With enough time, and new techniques, attackers find ways to exploit weaknesses in code. The Website Firewall helps stop these vulnerabilities from being exploited.

SQL Injection Attacks

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Stop Hackers Exploiting Software Vulnerabilities

Malware Prevention



No one wants to know that their website is being used to infect online visitors; whether it's to install a Trojan or something similar onto their computer, or steal credentials for their social platforms (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Stop Your Website From Getting Infected

Prevent Google Blacklists

Protect Your Brands Reputation

Zero Day Immediate Response

Zero Day

Immediate Response

Zero Day attacks have been around since the beginning of the security industry. They signify the moment where vulnerabilities are disclosed and a patch is not available. It's the moment where you and your website are at the greatest risk. Our Website Firewall allows us to virtually patch your environment within minutes of a Zero Day attack being disclosed.

Virtual Hardening

Virtual Patching

Protection in the Cloud

Performance Optimization



The biggest concern with security implementations is always the impact to the website's performance. Rest assured that with our Website Firewall, you experience dramatic increases in performance, not just in how your website loads for your clients, but in the load placed on your web server.

Restore Your Brand's Reputation

Reduced Load on Infrastructure

Improved Website Performance

Platform Agnostic / Simple Configuration

Platform Agnostic

Simple Configuration

The beauty of the Sucuri Website Firewall is that it works across all platforms, including today's most popular brands - WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, vBulletin and many more. It supports Apache, NGINX, and Windows web servers as well. It was built with the end-user in mind, allowing for quick and easy deployments.

No Product Installation Required

Supports All Content Management Systems (CMS) — WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Support All Web Servers — Apache, IIS, NGINX

Complete Website Security Achieved With

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