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2022 Website Threat Report Webinar

Join us on April 5th as we cover the latest findings from our 2022 Hacked Website Threat Report. We’ll shed light on some of the most common tactics and techniques

Virtual Patching Sucuri Webinar Featured Image

Virtual Patching Webinar

All software has bugs – but some bugs can lead to serious security vulnerabilities that can impact your website and traffic. In this webinar, we dive into the steps you

Sucuri Webinar Hacked Website Threat Report 2021 Featured Image

Hacked Website Threat Report 2021

The threat landscape is constantly shifting. As attackers continue to hone their tools and exploit new vulnerabilities, our team works diligently to identify and analyze threats posed to webmasters. Join

Personal Online Privacy Sucuri Webinar Featured Image

Personal Online Privacy

In our latest webinar, we’ll describe action items that can improve the security state of internet-connected devices we all use every day. These devices will include common household staples such

Sucuri Webinar Why do Hackers Hack Featured Image

Why Do Hackers Hack?

Join us as we delve into the minds of hackers to explain targeted attacks, random attack, and SEO attacks. Find out why bad actors target websites.

Preventing Cross-Site Contamination for Beginners Sucuri Webinar Featured Image

Preventing Cross-Site Contamination for Beginners

Cross-site contamination happens when one hacked site infects other sites on a shared server. This webinar is for beginners and web professionals to understand cross-site contamination and how to prevent

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Getting Started with Sucuri!

If you’re considering security for your site or are new to our services, this webinar will guide you through Sucuri’s simple setup processes. Potential notifications, support options for various scenarios,

Security for Web Agencies Sucuri Webinar Featured Image

Security for Web Agencies

Website security is challenging, especially with a large network of sites. We want to help you understand how you can create a security plan and reduce the risk of a

WAF for Mid Market /Enterprise Organizaiton Sucuri Webinar Featured Image

WAF for Midmarket/Enterprise Organizations

In today’s complex security landscape, web applications pose a significant risk to Mid-Market and Enterprise organizations. This webinar will introduce the concept of the WAF, and the benefits of web

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How Websites Get Hacked

Tony Perez, CEO of Sucuri, discusses how websites get hacked. Last month we learned the various impacts of a website compromise. Tony goes in depth about the tactics attackers employ

Sucuri Webinar Hacked Trend Report Q1 2016 Featured Image

Website Hacked Trend Report Q1/2016

On May 18, 2016, we released our first Website Hacked Trend Report, providing insights on the top open-source CMS security, out-of-date software, and the specific malware families we work with

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Oh No! My Website Has Been Hacked

Valentin, Sucuri Social Media Specialist, shares his personal story of how he found Sucuri. He recovered his charity website, restored online visibility and was able to continue critical work for

Sucuri Webinar How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Site Featured Image

How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Site

Learn how to identify issues if you suspect your WordPress site has been hacked. Follow Sucuri Remediation Team Lead, Ben Martin, through the steps needed to clean your WordPress site

Sucuri Webinar How to Clean a Hacked Joomla Site Featured Image

How to Clean a Hacked Joomla! Site

Sucuri Remediation Team Lead, Ben Martin, teaches you the key indicators to look for when your Joomla! site has been compromised, and steps needed to clean your site. Ben provides

Sucuri Webinar How to Clean a Hacked Magento Site Featured Image

How to Clean a Hacked Magento Site

Learn the important steps to take to identify Magento security issues and address ecommerce concerns. Sucuri Security Analyst, Cesar Anjos, walks you through steps…

Sucuri Webinar Preventing Data Loss with Backups Featured Image

Preventing Data Loss With Backups

In this webinar, you will learn how backups can complement your security strategy and why it shouldn’t be considered a replacement for having a website security solution

Sucuri Webinar eCommerce Compliance PCI meets GDPR Featured Image

eCommerce Compliance – PCI meets GDPR

During this webinar, we’ll explain how many of the PCI compliance standards for safe handling of payment card data are closely aligned with the data retention policies of the new

Sucuri Webinar Beginners Guide to CDNs Featured Image

Beginner’s Guide to CDN’s

All content is not created equally. Reducing the time it takes for each piece of data to travel from the host server to the client will provide lower latency and

Sucuri Webinar Simple Steps to Secure your Online Store Featured Image

Simple Steps To Secure Your Online Store

During this webinar, we’ll discuss some basic security concepts for your online store that include what tools you’ll need to remain PCI compliant and keeping your data safe…..

Sucuri Webinar Website Security Primer for Digital Marketers Featured Image

Website Security Primer for Digital Marketers

During this webinar, Alycia explains how marketing professionals can easily add security to their diverse toolkit. This skill helps organizations prepare for incidents and prevent others…..

Sucuri Webinar Leveraging Sucuri's API Featured Image

Leveraging Sucuri’s API

A lot can be done with our API to make your life easier and more automated. In this webinar, you’ll learn just a few things that can be done with

Sucuri Webinar Making Money with Sucuri Featured Image

Making Money with Sucuri Partnerships

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for website owners, yet few know how to identify a compromise or mitigate the risks. Handling a hacked website tends to fall on the shoulders

Sucuri Webinar The Anatomy of Website Malware Featured Image

The Anatomy of Website Malware

What is website malware? In this webinar, we’ll cover the most common website malware types, what various samples look like so you can recognize them, and also show you how

Sucuri Webinar 2018 Hacked Website Trends Featured Image

2018 Hacked Website Trends

Join us as we provide insights on the top open-source CMS security, out-of-date software, and specific malware families that we see trending on hacked websites…..

Sucuri Webinar Steps to Keep your Site Clean Featured Image

Steps to Keep Your Site Clean

Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of website security. Using good security practices as a website owner helps keep the entire web environment as clean and safe

Sucuri Webinar Impacts of a Website Compromise Featured Image

Impacts of a Website Compromise

Learn why a website hack can be devastating to your business or web project, including a few key points you might not have considered.