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John Booker Sucuri Webinar Virtual Patching

Virtual Patching Webinar

All software has bugs – but some bugs can lead to serious security vulnerabilities that can impact your website and traffic. In this webinar, we dive into the steps you can take to migrate risk from infection and virtually patch known vulnerabilities in your website’s environment.

Ben Martin - Webinar Profile

Hacked Website Threat Report 2021

The threat landscape is constantly shifting. As attackers continue to hone their tools and exploit new vulnerabilities, our team works diligently to identify and analyze threats posed to webmasters. Join us on July 6th as we cover the latest findings from our Hacked Website Threat Report for 2021.

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Logs: Understanding Them to Better Manage Your WordPress Site

In this webinar we will highlight the various activity, access, and error logs WordPress site administrators have at their fingertips. Plus, learn how logs can best be used to manage, troubleshoot, and most importantly, secure your sites.

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Personal Online Privacy

In our latest webinar, we’ll describe action items that can improve the security state of internet-connected devices we all use every day. These devices will include common household staples such as: WiFi Routers, iOS/Android devices, and personal computers.

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Why Do Hackers Hack?

Join us as we delve into the minds of hackers to explain targeted attacks, random attack, and SEO attacks. Find out why bad actors target websites.

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WAF (Firewall) and CDN Feature Benefit Guide

A feature benefit guide for our agencies and end users. Why use our firewall? What kind of protection does it offer? How does it affect the efficiency and speed of my site? Will it affect my server’s resources? Find out the answers to these questions and more in our webinar…..

Josh Hammer - Webinar Profile

Preventing Cross-Site Contamination for Beginners

Cross-site contamination happens when one hacked site infects other sites on a shared server. This webinar is for beginners and web professionals to understand cross-site contamination and how to prevent it…..

Jen Fisher - Webinar Profile

Getting Started with Sucuri!

If you’re considering security for your site or are new to our services, this webinar will guide you through Sucuri’s simple setup processes. Potential notifications, support options for various scenarios, and ways that you can also work to keep your site malware-free will be discussed…..

Dre Armeda - Webinar Profile

How to Account for Security with Customer Projects

Learn how you or your agency can account for security with your client projects. Presented by Sucuri Co-Founder, Dre Armeda, this webinar shows how you can get involved and help clients who are not aware of some of the security risks involved with managing a website…..

Josh Hammer - Webinar Profile

Is SSL Enough to Secure Your Website?

It’s a move we’ve seen coming since early 2017. Chrome HTTP sites are now officially being marked as ‘not secure’. With Chrome dominating 62.85% of the browser market space as of last month means that even small changes can have a big impact on website owners if ignored…..

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FireChat: Reactive and Proactive Protection for Web Agencies

In this fire chat, we’re looking to find answers to some of the questions web agencies have been asking us for years, in hopes of shedding more light into how you, as an agency, need to respond to security threats your customers face…..

Dana Dickeson - Webinar Profile

Security for Web Agencies

Website security is challenging, especially with a large network of sites. We want to help you understand how you can create a security plan and reduce the risk of a hack or security incident. In this session Dana covers the implications of a security breach and why security should be important to your agency. Dana shows you a tiered approach to we….

Dana Dickeson - Webinar Profile

WAF for Midmarket/Enterprise Organizations

In today’s complex security landscape, web applications pose a significant risk to Mid-Market and Enterprise organizations. This webinar will introduce the concept of the WAF, and the benefits of web application security in the cloud…..

Tony Perez - Webinar Profile

How Websites Get Hacked

Tony Perez, CEO of Sucuri, discusses how websites get hacked. Last month we learned the various impacts of a website compromise. Tony goes in depth about the tactics attackers employ to compromise websites so you can understand how to think about the areas that are most important and implement security controls to help mitigate risk potential…..

Tony & Daniel - Webinar Profile

Website Hacked Trend Report Q1/2016

On May 18, 2016, we released our first Website Hacked Trend Report, providing insights on the top open-source CMS security, out-of-date software, and the specific malware families we work with every day. Sucuri Co-Founders Tony Perez and Daniel Cid dive into the details of trends for Q1 2016 including Drupal, WordPress, Joomla! and Magento…..

Valentin Vesa - Webinar Profile

Oh No! My Website Has Been Hacked

Valentin, Sucuri Social Media Specialist, shares his personal story of how he found Sucuri. He recovered his charity website, restored online visibility and was able to continue critical work for the project to continue providing over 30,000 shoeboxes of happiness to underprivileged children throughout the world…..

Alycia Mitchell - Webinar Profile

Defending Your Google Brand Reputation and Analytics Reports

Sucuri Marketing Analytics & SEO Specialist, Alycia Mitchell, teaches you how to keep your Google Analytics data clean and use it to uncover vulnerabilities and compromises while optimizing your website’s visibility…..

Ben Martin - Webinar Profile

How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Site

Learn how to identify issues if you suspect your WordPress site has been hacked. Follow Sucuri Remediation Team Lead, Ben Martin, through the steps needed to clean your WordPress site and minimize the attack time…..

Ben Martin - Webinar Profile

How to Clean a Hacked Joomla! Site

Sucuri Remediation Team Lead, Ben Martin, teaches you the key indicators to look for when your Joomla! site has been compromised, and steps needed to clean your site. Ben provides a guide that is helpful if your website has been hacked so you can recovery quickly…..

Alycia Mitchell - Webinar Profile

Understand and Fix Google Blocklist Warnings.

If your website has been blocklisted by Google, you can instantly lose 95% of your traffic. Sucuri Digital Marketing Manager, Alycia Mitchell, provides a step by step guide to fixing Google blocklist warnings. This webinar will give you the knowledge to act fast and get rid of those big red warnings on your website…..

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How to Optimize Your Website for Best Performance

Attention spans are getting shorter, and search engines are favoring websites with faster loading times and lower bounce rates. By optimizing your website performance, you can rank higher in search results, increase and retain your traffic and create an optimal user experience…..

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How to Clean a Hacked Magento Site

Learn the important steps to take to identify Magento security issues and address ecommerce concerns. Sucuri Security Analyst, Cesar Anjos, walks you through steps for both beginner and advanced users to remove infections and any concerns over stolen credit card data. Take important steps to secure your Magento website if it has been compromised…..

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Preventing Data Loss With Backups

In this webinar, you will learn how backups can complement your security strategy and why it shouldn’t be considered a replacement for having a website security solution

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eCommerce Compliance – PCI meets GDPR

During this webinar, we’ll explain how many of the PCI compliance standards for safe handling of payment card data are closely aligned with the data retention policies of the new GDPR regulations – from managing personal data, potential breach implications, and properly logging your systems. Also, we will share some best practices and what to expect….

Krystle Herbrandson - Webinar Profile

Beginner’s Guide to CDN’s

All content is not created equally. Reducing the time it takes for each piece of data to travel from the host server to the client will provide lower latency and a more optimized user experience. Ultimately, this helps avoid dropoffs in users as a result of extended load times…..

Jean Delefrati - Webinar Proifle

Kludges and PHP. Why Should You Use a WAF?

In this webinar, Jean will explore some examples of PHP coding done incorrectly. Jean will also show you how badly written code is an invitation for hackers to exploit a website…..

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Why You Should Secure Your Small Website

Have you ever thought that your website might not be so important and just too small to need website protection of any kind?… Time to think again! We will discuss some of the reasons why every website big or small needs security…..

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Simple Steps To Secure Your Online Store

During this webinar, we’ll discuss some basic security concepts for your online store that include what tools you’ll need to remain PCI compliant and keeping your data safe…..

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How Caching Options Can Impact Your Website Speed

This webinar is for beginners and web professionals to learn about the three most used caching types in practice: Static Files caching, Page Caching, and In-Memory Caching…..

Josh Hammer - Webinar Profile

Sucuri Introduces the Sales Enablement Department

During this webinar, you will meet our Sales Enablement team and preview the marketing information packages we have created for web agencies…..

Alycia Mitchell - Webinar Profile

Website Security Primer for Digital Marketers

During this webinar, Alycia explains how marketing professionals can easily add security to their diverse toolkit. This skill helps organizations prepare for incidents and prevent others…..

Josh Hammer - Webinar Profile

Leveraging Sucuri’s API

A lot can be done with our API to make your life easier and more automated. In this webinar, you’ll learn just a few things that can be done with our API. Plus a sneak peek at things to come in the next version….

Josh Hammer - Webinar Profile

‘Tis the Season for Credit Card Scraping and Malware Trends

Josh discusses the latest trends in malware and credit card scraping tactics…..

Remkus de Vries - Sucuri Webinar Profile

How To Know For Sure You Can Trust A Plugin

A webinar to help you minimize risks and stay secure as you’re downloading WordPress plugins…..

Krasimir Konov - Webinar Profile

What is SEO Spam and How to Fight It

How does SEO spam get into a website and why? This webinar will discuss what attackers gain from it and how to deal with an attack effectively…..

Josh Hammer - Webinar Profile

Making Money with Sucuri Partnerships

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for website owners, yet few know how to identify a compromise or mitigate the risks. Handling a hacked website tends to fall on the shoulders of service providers….

Marc Kranat - Webinar profile

Effects, Indicators, and Mitigation of a DDoS Attack

Experience a DDoS attack against a typical website. Watch in real-time as server resources are gradually depleted and website performance is impacted…..

Peter Gramantik - Webinar profile

The Anatomy of Website Malware

What is website malware? In this webinar, we’ll cover the most common website malware types, what various samples look like so you can recognize them, and also show you how they work…..

Josh Hammer - Webinar Profile

What Are The Most Common Types Of Hacks?

Join us as we discuss the different types of hacks, how they work, and what to do post-hack. We’ll also share some examples of hacked websites and discuss the most common methods attackers use to target them…..

Tony Perez - Webinar Profile

2018 Hacked Website Trends

Join us as we provide insights on the top open-source CMS security, out-of-date software, and specific malware families that we see trending on hacked websites…..

Jen Fisher - Webinar Profile

Steps to Keep Your Site Clean

Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of website security. Using good security practices as a website owner helps keep the entire web environment as clean and safe as possible…..

Picture of Tony Perez

Impacts of a Website Compromise

Sucuri Co-Founder, Tony Perez, brings awareness and education to website owners about the risks, impacts, and threats to their online properties. Learn why a website hack can be devastating to your business or web project, including a few key points you might not have considered.