Sucuri virtual patching

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) can protect websites even when they’re no longer supported with updates. When developers of a web application, such as a CMS that enables website building, find a vulnerability, they release a security update to patch it.

But that may not work for everyone. Some website owners may not have access to the patch or can’t apply it without breaking the site. In some cases, there are no longer patches available. For example, the version of their CMS might no longer receive updates. Our cloud-based WAF leverages virtual patching to close the vulnerability and protect the site.

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How virtual patching works

We employ some of the best minds in website security to monitor the threat landscape. When our threat researchers discover something that can harm a site, they create a signature for it, and then add the signature to our WAF. These frequent, ongoing updates keep our WAF recognizing threats and protecting websites from malicious traffic like bots and malware.

Benefits of virtual patching

When was the last time you ran updates for your website? It’s a question that can stress out site owners — unless they’re protected by our WAF. The website firewall provides true peace of mind because you know our threat researchers are working around the clock to keep your site protected. While running updates from a developer is always the best strategy, our WAF can prevent a dangerous situation in the meantime.

Get started for free with the Sucuri WAF & virtual patching

Virtual patching is just one of the benefits of our WAF, which also improves a site’s load times and availability during heavy traffic. But we understand if you need to see it to believe it. Try out our WAF with a 30-day trial at zero cost to you.