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Developers Trust Sucuri to Protect Their Websites from Hackers

Protect your website and speed up performance with our Junior Dev plan. Automated security scanning, real-time web application firewall, and efficient malware removal. Designed for developers and small agencies with 2-5 websites.
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Effortlessly manage your website security from
a single convenient dashboard:

  • Easily add and remove websites with a single click

  • Monitor websites for blocklisting, malicious code, and other threats

  • Remove malware from your website and server environment

  • Virtually patch against known software vulnerabilities

  • Enjoy up to 60% performance increase with CDN

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Built for all platforms and custom sites


Take advantage of the Junior Dev plan and save $500 with your Website Security bundle!

  • 30 Day Guarantee

  • Platform Agnostic

  • 24/7 Security Team

  • Website Firewall

  • Malware Removal

Junior Dev

Ideal for freelancers, web pros, and agencies with 2-5 websites requiring quick SLAs, access to trained support reps, and comprehensive malware protection.



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Developer-First Security Features

Number of Sites Covered

Each plan applies for 1 site. If you need multiple sites, speak to our chat agents or give us a call for volume discounts.


Malware & Hack Removal

Unlimited manual cleanups included on every plan with no hidden fees.

Malware Removal SLA

Ticket response time is an estimate and resolution time may vary based on complexity and volume of tickets in our queue.

12 hours

Post Malware Cleanup Report

Get a basic summary of the files that were cleaned and what next steps are to ensure ongoing protection

Frequency of Advanced Security Scans

Monitor things that matter: Malware, Blocklist, DNS, Uptime, malicious redirects and SEO spam.

6 hours

Website Application Firewall (WAF)

Cloud-based WAF that actively blocks malicious traffic.

Blocklist Monitoring & Removal

Protect your brand’s reputation by knowing when your site is blocklisted and remove the headache of getting it removed

SSL Support & Monitoring

All platforms Support SSL but only the pro and business plans can be preloaded with your existing purchased SSL.


Stop Hacks (Virtual Patching/Hardening)

Stop layer 3, 4, 7 DDoS attacks and with virtual patching to protect outdated software.

Firewall Protection – HTTPS & PCI compliant

SSL is automatically enabled on our firewall to make sure the information flow is encrypted.

Advanced DDoS Mitigation

Our global Anycast network is capable of mitigating large DDoS attacks.

CDN Speed Enhancements

Our content delivery network (Anycast) improves page speed and reduces server load by 80% on average.

High Availability/Load Balancing

Get support with load balancing and server failover configurations

CMS & Hosting Compatibility

We support all CMS’s and hosting solutions. Our firewall also adapts to whatever CMS you are using with custom rules


Support Requests

Secure ticketing system with 24/7/365 support

Direct to Tier 3 Ticket Support

Number of Web Pages

Contact us for volume discounts or see our Agency and Partner plans.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have 30 days to request a refund according to our terms of service.


HTTPS enabled on firewall servers.

Sucuri Dashboard API

API access for integration with proprietary systems.

Multi Tenancy

Role-based account access to the Sucuri dashboard.

Dedicated Account Management

A team of account executives 24/7/365 supplied with full-event escalation path.

Customizable Plans For Every Stage

Features grow as you scale. Easily upgrade to these Agency and Enterprise-level features at any time.*

* Additional costs for Agency and Enterprise features.

SIEM Integration

Custom security incident and event management integration.

Custom Block Pages

Custom pages for traffic blocked by the web application firewall.

Monthly Payment Options

Convenient payment options at monthly intervals.

Discounts for Bulk Websites

Flexible volume discounts to reduce costs or generate revenue.

Onboarding Assistance

Customized onboarding, education, and a dedicated account specialist.


Role-based account access to the Sucuri dashboard interface.

Dedicated Account Management

Account executives available 24/7/365 for full-event escalation.

Slack Integration

Set up and customize alerts and notifications for Slack.

Emergency Response SLAs

Priority response escalation services for faster resolutions.

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* Additional costs for Agency and Enterprise features.

Why Choose Sucuri?

When it comes to website security, we want to provide our customers with the most exemplary service available. That’s why we have partnered with Sucuri. To expand on our commitment to offer only the safest hosting environment, Sucuri offers the best website malware cleanup, protection, and monitoring services in the business.

Vanessa Vasile, InMotion Hosting

Sucuri is more of an insurance policy to prevent problems. It does all of the work for us by blocking all things malicious. We are a web hosting provider, so how would it look if our own site was compromised or down?

Anton Resnick,

Comprehensive Security & Malware Removal
for High Performance Websites

Website Hardening & Virtual Patching

Website Hardening & Virtual Patching

Falling behind on security patches can make your site an easy prey for hackers. To keep your defenses up-to-date, we apply patches and server rule updates on a continual basis.

Entrusted Access via IP Whitelisting

Entrusted Access via IP Whitelisting

Safeguard your website by restricting access to team members with IP whitelisting. Limiting access ensures that bad actors and malicious bots are kept at bay.

DDoS Attack Mitigation

DDoS Attack Mitigation

Our Global Anycast Network and Web Application Firewall) are your frontline defense against costly downtime due to DDoS attacks. Our WAF goes the extra mile by blocking threats with its intrusion prevention system.

Security for Sensitive Pages

Security for Sensitive Pages

Protected Page features add an extra layer of security to safeguard your most sensitive login and admin pages. Enhance the protection with passwords, CAPTCHA, 2FA via Google Authenticator, or IP whitelisting.

Protection with Application Profiling

Protection with Application Profiling

Each one of your sites boasts a unique blend of CMS, server software, and other exclusive technologies stacked together. We scrutinize all traffic requests and block anomalies that don't fall in line with your web application's profile.

Malware Detection Signatures

Malware Detection Signatures

We examine all inbound HTTP/HTTPS web traffic before it reaches your server. Utilizing a blend of heuristic and signature-based techniques, we're able to thwart malicious requests and attack patterns.

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