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Dr. Vilma Vega, a physician specializing in infectious diseases, found herself dealing with one infection that she just couldn’t fix. Her website was hacked, and she needed professional expertise to diagnose and cure the problem.

Her fledgling consulting business was attacked first, and she was worried that the contagion might spread to her other websites. She also runs a non-profit organization, educational programs for medical professionals, and a personal site. Now that all of Dr. Vega’s websites are clean and protected, she can grow her business knowing it has solid defenses. She shared her business perspective with us when we asked about how she got Sucuri on her side.


No one expects their website to get hacked, and Dr. Vilma Vega found out that keeping up with regular maintenance isn’t enough to keep the bad guys out.

It was one of my writers and editors that called me and told me that there was a problem on the site and he was trying to find out about some posting that I’d done. It must have been only a matter of 24 hours, because we had checked it the day before and it was fine.

The next step was to seek help before the issue impacted her other websites, caused harm to visitors, or damaged the reputation of her business.

No Help From Host

The first step most people take, is to contact your web host. This is especially true if they suspend your website to contain the infection! Dr. Vega and her team soon discovered that hosting companies aren’t especially focussed on website security.

We couldn’t get answers from [our host] – obviously not a security website, they host your website. We later found that there were thousands of websites that were hacked into at the same time, right around the holidays, and they had been having a tremendous amount of problems. It was taking them a while to get a solution.

This is where Sucuri has a distinct advantage against the competition. Sucuri Labs works around the clock, researching and removing infected code. Practice has made us faster and better than the rest, giving Sucuri a natural buzz among website professionals.

More and more days were going by, and the website wasn’t able to get up. My website manager had a friend or client who used Sucuri and had great success. We went ahead and signed up, and you guys were quick!

Saving Time, Money, and Tears

When Dr. Vega spoke with us, she let us know that there is a measurable impact in working with Sucuri as your personal security team.

It can be devastating for a company. I’m blessed I had a rather small startup business… because it’s early on. If I had been a much larger company and did not have this kind of protection, it could have brought my entire business down.

You’re talking about thousands of dollars that are saved, if we had been even a larger company, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not only will traffic be taken away from your website, but if anyone wants to put an order in…!

It’s also the emotional price that you can’t quantify. You could be just about ready to call it a day and close up shop if something major happened. If you are one of these companies that was functioning right on the brink, this would do you in. You would lose your company, and you would not be able to function any more.

The way I look at it, what we paid for four websites to have peace of mind, is to me, priceless. It’s like the MasterCard commercial. The emotional relief is priceless.

Bigger Hacks vs. Smaller Sites

Until you have to deal with the aftermath, most people don’t understand that hacking tools and techniques are getting easier to use every day, and their effects are more and more damaging too.

One of the most common misconceptions is: “My website isn’t a target” – often among smaller websites. Just like insurance, it’s easy to feel invincible when you feel like you don’t have as much to lose.

There are a lot of people creating websites and setting up businesses every day, and they have no knowledge that this is happening at a major scale now with these website hacks.

My one recommendation for anyone who is going to host a website, no matter how technically savvy you are or whether or not you have a lot of expertise in hosting websites, or no expertise, you need to have somebody helping you who is going to monitor your website security. Even smaller websites, sometimes you don’t think about it too much. I’ve realized that it’s like you can never have enough insurance, that’s kind of how I feel about issues with websites – you can never have enough expertise.

Dr. Vega went on to discuss the problem small businesses face when considering website security as part of their online presence.

That’s the key thing, is the small businesses like myself. We’re not experts, we don’t do what you guys do. When we don’t exactly know, “Oh you’ve got an old plugin here” – I was like a fish out of water. It’s not that much money to have peace of mind.

The information security world is a deep, dark, mysterious place. Don’t venture into it alone when you can get Sucuri to light the way.

Back to Business

At Sucuri, we want you to get back to what you are doing best. We know websites, programming languages, internet infrastructure, and malware. When you work with us, you’re teaming up with knowledgeable experts who are passionate about keeping your website safe.

I’m not as technologically savvy. I’m a physician, I do consulting work, and this is not my primary line of expertise! You need people who know the in and outs of websites, and where problems exist. That’s what makes me feel most secure about hosting a website in the first place.

When we asked how she feels now with the Sucuri Website Firewall creating a fortress around her websites, she had this to say.

I feel elated that it will not take forever to get a response when something goes wrong, and that makes me feel more secure. Certainly, you guys know what you’re doing. You really have to try to be as prepared as you can in case problems happen.

Now that Dr. Vega has all four websites behind the Sucuri Website Firewall, she won’t have to be reactionary in the future. Best of all, she won’t have to worry about her users as she grows her businesses.

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