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Red Olive is an award-winning full-service digital agency in Salt Lake City, Utah that seemingly does it all – fluent in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and Android/iOS development – building apps on a project basis to the exact specifications of their clients. Mike Murphy is the Internet Marketer at Red Olive. His past clients have included INC 500 companies, startups, and international companies. He is an ROI enthusiast, loves A/B testing, and has an eye for fine content.

The companies that retain Red Olive do so on a monthly basis which keeps the leads flowing – and if an ecommerce site – all the better for strong sales and market share. Mike knows personally the importance of web security as well. Aside from the experiences with customer sites via Red Olive, he maintains an ecommerce site with wife, Tanya Murphy, called PrepSOS.


Here and there, Mike was faced with a variety of issues occurring that he couldn’t fix himself.

Some of Mike’s clients were prone to encountering hacks and he initially had difficulty figuring out why. Mike later discovered that there were blog posts not added by the client – some very offensive in nature – with vulgar, unprofessional language that were definitely not up to the standards of the company site they were posted on.

Though Red Olive doesn’t host sites themselves, they do set them up. When problems arise, clients naturally reach out to them to fix the hack. For WordPress sites, Mike often added security plugins, but some bots were still able to get around it.

For the betterment of Red Olive, it made more sense to partner with a service quickly and effectively so that they could restore their brand reputation.


Luckily, their clients had minimal impact before adding Sucuri. Under the Sucuri Platform, the sites are currently cleaned up and protected by the Firewall.

Though we have extremely capable senior-level developers at our agency, we find it more cost effective to hire that portion of our business if we have any website security issues instead of our internal guys doing it. That’s where your service kicks in and helps us out a lot.

Red Olive creates many websites and serves a lot of clients from a digital marketing standpoint. The time required to do their best work was being eaten by website security issues.


Whether a personal malware request at any time of day or a general question in the middle of the night, there’s a response. Someone at Sucuri is always around looking into it immediately.

Sometimes the issue is actually on the agency end of things, in that it’s more related to the website or hosting environment. When that occurs, Mike was pleased to find out that the Sucuri team willingly resolves unrelated issues quickly.

Even when it’s not something your team needs to take care of, you point us in the right direction of next steps on what to do and what to check. The interaction is superb.

Submit a ticket – and that’s it. Whether Mike had a request to check malware or a general query, a remediation team member responded. Additionally, Red Olive uses Sucuri’s CDN and (WAF) firewall protection.

I’m not aware of how many of the different types of hack attempts being blocked but it’s very reassuring to know that’s in place. I’m not technical enough to set that sort of thing up myself so it’s great to pay Sucuri for the service and we never have to worry about it.

They say ignorance is bliss; however, knowledge in the website security world is power and freedom.


Thought Leaders in Website Security

Sucuri has been involved specifically in the website security space over 6 years, analyzing what attackers do and how they do it. This knowledge is at the core of how the technology is built.

Simple Deployment

There is no installation required, the technology is quickly enabled via the Sucuri dashboard and at the DNS level. Changes can be made via an A record switch, or full DNS management.

Active Vulnerability Research

Sucuri’s research is second to none when it comes to vulnerability exploit attempts. Our research is widely distributed and syndicated across all major media and security outlets.

Enterprise Affordability

Budgets are tight, demand is high. Sucuri has the luxury of size and youth, we bring the right level of enthusiasm, adaptability, and technology to the enterprise website security game.

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