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In our first case/testimonial from a website using the Microsoft platform, we are reviewing Precise Leads with Avi Susana.

Avi Susana is the CEO of Precise Leads. The company is the industry leader in the insurance lead generation business which encompasses auto, home, life, and other insurances.

Avi studied both computer science and business management during his continued education; however, his career began with designing websites for large brands. Some of those brands are very recognizable, i.e. Estee Lauder, Redken, and L’Oreal. Since the early years, Avi’s career took off. He connected with a couple of guys who had an idea for a lead generation platform and the group started the company out of a home. That company was Precise Leads and it has grown tremendously since its inception more than a decade ago.

The Precise Leads website leverages Microsoft’s Visual Basic for its framework. Incorporated into that framework is multiple layers of security. Even prior to signing up with Sucuri, Precise Leads placed a high value on the security of their data and network.

We’re always trying to figure out the best way to secure our customer’s and our data. It is always one of the main goals, no matter what we’re publishing. We want to be sure everything is secured and that we are doing everything in our power to defend that data.

Exploitation Attempts

Even still, the company experienced attacks attempting to exploit their vulnerabilities well before coming to Sucuri. Thankfully however, none of those attempts were successful. As Avi participated in an online forum one day, he came across the Sucuri brand by chance. The Sucuri firewall product was mentioned and he decided to investigate both Sucuri and its products further.

I got to Sucuri by mistake, by coincidence. I was in a forum and someone recommended Sucuri. The thread was not even related to firewalls or security. I just saw that note, and looked at the website and thought ‘You know what, that’s not a bad idea’.

Subsequent to the initial review, Avi found value in the Sucuri Firewall. After discussing the product with a friend who worked as chief of security at a major firm, he decided that the Sucuri product should be incorporated into their security strategy. The firewall would become the first defense layer as it would allow all traffic to be filtered through the Sucuri network prior to touching the Precise Leads network. Avi explains how Precise Leads included the Sucuri Firewall as a part of their framework:

We had different layers of security. But, the Sucuri Firewall became our first layer. We previously had the VM firewall, and we replaced that with Sucuri.

Who Has Your Back

The dexterity the Sucuri firewall has allows implementation as an additional layer even when a security strategy and other security products are in use. Customization options allow for optimized performance when adding the firewall product to an existing security stack or when using the product as a stand alone service.

The firewall is a great add-on because it’s always being updated. It’s not something static, that you set once and then no one touches it. It’s always up to date for any new threats. Someone is taking care of that. The Sucuri Firewall is a great first defense that even covers items I never really considered, or thought about.

In addition to the firewall product, Avi also leverages the Sucuri Website Backup product. The website backups are scanned prior to being stored in a safe, off-site environment. This process ensures not only that Precise Leads will have a relevant copy of their site, but also that the backup copy of their site will not be compromised should it need to be restored – a handy resource if an issue were to arise.

Sucuri is proud to offer the products that have completed the security strategy for Precise Leads. Yet, more importantly, proud to have Precise Leads as our customer doing the great work they do.

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