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Every so often, a positive vision will arise that inspires and helps people. In Istanbul, Turkey, a woman by the name of Naime Yildirim, had such a vision. A website that would offer consumers a central location to gather information regarding the medical community in Turkey – specifically, pharmaceutical products. This passion grew into a passion project and began to take form.

Warning Signs

In Spring 2014, Yildirim created ilacweb.com. Complete with a disease guide and an A-Z drug list, the site is dedicated to providing awareness for drugs (existing and debuting to the public) and evangelizing medical work being accomplished in Turkey. Over the months following the launch, the site made healthy gains in the number of visitors per day and quickly expanded in overall popularity. According to a 2014 article, growth on ilacweb.com, could have been the result of growth in the country’s pharmacy industry as a whole. The article notes that the government worked to stimulate the pharmacy industry specifically, and therefore, the growth (subsequently Yildirim’s online venture) could be surmised as an expected outcome. However, a series of events during the fourth quarter of 2015 would not only challenge that expectation, but the site’s success.

On May 2014, I launched a WordPress-based website designed to give information about drugs presented to the market in Turkey. In a year, the website showed considerable success in terms of its daily traffic, until December of 2015.

Yildirim was certain there was a problem when out of nowhere, site visits seemed to rapidly and inexplicably drop. Eventually, the issue was uncovered, signs indicating an invasive hack – possibly a pharma hack.

At first, I couldn’t realize the reasons of the sudden decrease in traffic, and after a while, I found some files in FTP which were not created by me but apparently by the hackers. These files were containing some eval codes. Then, I tried to delete them and clean the whole files manually. But it did not work. There was a huge amount of hacked files, and deleted ones were coming into FTP again. Moreover, I also realized that my website was exposed to some sort of pharma hack; there were many spam pages containing dirty contents. More

Finding a Cure

Inundated and without any familiar recourse, Yildirim felt stuck. Moreover, the vision behind ilacweb.com seemed to be definitively destined for failure. Any time a site is compromised, there are very real implications. The impact of a website hack can include Google de-indexing, a discredited brand reputation, and loss of revenues. Even one of the aforementioned outcomes can cause significant angst, let alone a combination. For this reason, a compromised site quickly becomes a matter of urgency. The longer it takes to fix the compromise and resolve any resulting issues, the greater the damage. Through these challenges, Yildirim maintained a small bit of hope and diligently worked to find an answer. Unfortunately, the first couple of “solutions” discovered would not fully address what the situation required. Thankfully, perseverance would pay off and an answer would soon be found in Sucuri.

Desperately I tried to find some help in webmaster forums; but I can’t say that it helped me. After that, I tried to find a sort of security company which provides regularly a professional solution to websites with affordable payments. The two options that I found at first were not providing a security support for a term like one year. They were offering “cleaning” for one time. I thought these options would be temporary and this means that my website can be hacked again, then that would be frankly the waste of time and money for me. The third option that I found was thankfully, Sucuri. They were offering one year support and firewall to my website. And the price was really affordable. First, I contacted someone from the online chat which says: “How can we help?” I told her about the overall situation that I’m facing. She suggested me to have the Sucuri ’basic plan.’

A Prescription That Works

It is important to have a resource that can quickly and effectively correct compromises. A preventative measure, such as Sucuri’s Web Application Firewall, could mean the difference between reliving a nightmare or getting back to business-building as usual. For ilacweb.com using the Sucuri Firewall proved invaluable as thousands of potential exploits were stopped.

By having basic plan, in a short time like one day; my whole website, all the hacked files and spam pages, which became a nightmare for me, were cleaned by the team at Sucuri. With CloudProxy Website Firewall, thousands of attacks to my website have been prevented so far. To work with Sucuri makes me feel secure, really. I know that there is a great team if there occurs a hack again, that will remove all malware-injected files. It became a big relief for me to meet and work with Sucuri.

Because 100% guarantees do not exist in online security, a comprehensive security posture will include a reactive strategy as well. For ilacweb.com, they can rely completely on Sucuri for remediation services too, which leaves them with only the responsibility of focusing on their mission – to raise consumer awareness in the medical and pharmaceutical industry in Turkey. A mission with which Yildirim is both familiar and adept. As for security, Sucuri is proud to cover that portion of the task list.

Thank you for your great service and support!

See for yourself why Naime Yildirim recommends Sucuri for complete website security.

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