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Land conservation is growing in both popularity and importance. As many countries continue to expand and build, natural resources such as freshwater supplies, forests, marines, grasslands and deserts are becoming more frequently endangered. Because of the susceptibility that exists in many ecoregions, conservation efforts explore a variety of community and politically backed strategies to curb degradation of valuable, natural infrastructure. Green Spaces Alliance is a San Antonio, TX based, non-profit organization whose roots lie deeply in land conservation. Founded by an environmentally conscious group of board directors in 1998, the non-profit works to protect the unique landscape in the South Texas city. The group has helped protect over 130,000 acres including water supply, helped foster over 40 community gardens across San Antonio, and has helped over 3000 students through the Picture Your World program.

Conservation Motivation

The “Why” behind this effort is almost self-explanatory. The founding partners and board members recognized a need and took action by using their unique skill sets to establish the Green Spaces Alliance. The need, as recognized, was and is that San Antonio, TX is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The historic city sits atop a water reservoir sustained by a limestone land feature. The feature allows rainwater to percolate through and recharged the aquifer. Along with protecting this natural water supply, the Green Spaces Alliance was also formed to maintain clean air and the wildlife habitat. The threat was perceived earlier on and all the voters in San Antonio passed laws to help support land conservation.

A Thriving Project

Present day the project has sparked two additional efforts, briefly noted above, The Community Garden Project and The Picture Your World Youth Project.

The Community Garden is an effort focused on the greater good of the communities it supports. For the selected neighborhoods/communities, The Green Spaces Alliance will conduct the necessary research as they begin the development process. Every garden developed is different and is specifically based on the needs of the community. For example, the alliance has built and supports a garden which is located at a dialysis facility. The purpose of this garden is to show and teach people how to grow their own healthy foods. Another garden is set up for refugees from a variety of different places. They could be from Buton, Myanmar, West Africa or a number of locations. The goal of the garden, located specifically within the refugee community, is to allow people to reconnect with an agricultural experience that is reminiscent of their homeland.

Representatives from the Green Spaces Alliance visit the community in person and diligently follow up with the organizers. They are thorough in their assessment of community needs and vigilant to help overcome various challenges they may face in their work. With more than 40 thriving community gardens, the project is a success.

Digital Enemy of a Natural Environment

The intersection of the Green Spaces Alliance and website security is an interesting journey to follow. The website was built and managed in-house for about 5 or 6 years. Eventually the organization’s leadership noticed the website was not up to date and determined to work toward a fresh look. After confirming the move, the team at Green Spaces decided to hire an outside company in order to maximize their investment and take full advantage of the web presence overhaul. Once worked commenced on the site, a move to a new hosting platform was found to be inevitable. However, a problem arose. Before migrating to the new hosting location the site needed a thorough security boost. The web development company noticed several security holes, recognized the need for security services, and strongly urged that the security concerns be addressed prior to any move.

Securing a Digital Alliance

To address the pre-existing security concerns, the web development company recommended Sucuri. Green Spaces accepted the referral and recognized Sucuri as a trusted and reliable service.

Immediately noted was the responsiveness and ease of use.

One reason we chose Sucuri was the staff and the response time. I don’t have to wait very long, usually the same day, within a couple of hours I hear something back. Also, the customer interface is really intuitive and user friendly. I don’t feel I have to “Google” terms all the time to figure out what Sucuri is talking about. I can really understand it in the way Sucuri communicates.
We recently signed up for your automatic daily website backups, which has really been a huge relief to me personally, and I’m sure future staff as well. We don’t have to worry about backing up the website manually or relying on a WordPress plugin to do it for us. We also don’t have to worry about the backup becoming outdated. It’s nice to receive that daily email saying: “Congratulations, your website is backed up!” so you don’t have to worry about it. That way, if anything were to happen, if for some reason the firewall crashes or we get attacked, we would have that backup there. Also, it would cost us more in staff time to do it than what Sucuri charges.

A Bright Future

The Green Spaces Alliance works hard to provide real, tangible value in a space that is often taken for granted. The numerous threats to our environment often take a back seat to more buzz-oriented topics of the day. All in all the conservation organization’s significance should always be top of mind for for us as their hard work allows our communities to experience an improved and holistic quality of life. Similarly, the Sucuri team and products are specifically focused on providing a stress-free safe website experience. Tia makes a strong statement about the freedoms Sucuri provides.

“It definitely frees me up to do more of the things I like to do… reaching out more to our community, focusing more on our messaging and interaction with people and different things in my job that need my energy more. I’m not a tech expert. I’m not a website developer. I don’t have any knowledge about firewalls or anything like that. So, in the past year or so I’ve had to take care of these things and spent a lot of time researching and understanding what all of this is to make sure that I do every little thing. I definitely learned a lot, but it takes up a lot of time I wish I didn’t have to spend. Having Sucuri do this at a very reasonable price and just having that reassurance is really nice.

When Sucuri accomplishes the task of securing a website well, that translates beyond monetary savings for the benefiting company and subsequently results in that business or organization being free to focus on the greatness they bring to our communities.

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