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About Ecoeureka

Ecoeureka is a digital marketing agency based in Madrid, Spain with an unconventional vision. In general, digital marketing agencies work with a B2B mentality. However, at Ecoeureka, things are done a bit differently. Ecoeureka works with a person-to-person philosophy. They don’t give differentiated treatment to their clients according to their business or their size. Carlos Martínez and his partner María Lozano share the role of CEO of this agency whose name means, eco for economy and eureka for idea.

The Challenge

Despite using a security plugin for WordPress, one Ecoeureka’s clients, dedicated to the creation and programming of apps, suffered from a website attack. Although Ecoeureka has the technical ability to clean malware, the infections returned almost as quickly as they were cleaned. That is why Carlos and María began looking for website security solutions and discovered Sucuri.

We knew we had to put an intermediate layer to stop the reinfections.


The Ecoeureka leaders found Sucuri’s WordPress security plugin in their quest for security solutions. However, the technical capacity of the members in this marketing agency recognized that a plugin would not be enough against targeted attacks. So they decided to opt for a premium plugin, the Sucuri Firewall. Once the firewall was activated protecting the website while under attack, the reinfections stopped occurring.

We have the ability to clean malware. When these attacks were happening, we implemented security measures on the server that largely mitigated the attacks, but only Sucuri solved the issue.

Ecoeureka has chosen to be part of the Agency Plan that provides monitoring and protection. They have about 40 websites protected by the Sucuri Firewall and will be adding more websites to their current plan soon.


After this unpleasant experience, Ecoeureka trusts Sucuri to protect all of its clients’ web projects. The creation of backup copies, security monitoring, protection against threats, and optimization of constant performance powered by Sucuri greatly benefit Ecoeureka web projects.

The surprise was that Sucuri provides security, performance, as well as good results in PageSpeed Insights. Because without having to be configuring Apache and others, Sucuri allows you to overcome the issue of compressing images and other important settings for performance and security automatically.

Carlos and María decided to adopt Sucuri as an extension of their existing security team to protect and enhance the projects of the people who trust their agency.

Carlos and María decided to adopt Sucuri as an extension of their existing security team to protect and enhance the projects of the people who trust their agency.

Being supported by technology and collaborators from Sucuri allows Ecoeureka’s leaders to focus on the most important thing for them: the growth of their digital marketing agency.


Thought Leaders in Website Security

Sucuri has been involved specifically in the website security space over 6 years, analyzing what attackers do and how they do it. This knowledge is at the core of how the technology is built.

Simple Deployment

There is no installation required, the technology is quickly enabled via the Sucuri dashboard and at the DNS level. Changes can be made via an A record switch, or full DNS management.

Active Vulnerability Research

Sucuri’s research is second to none when it comes to vulnerability exploit attempts. Our research is widely distributed and syndicated across all major media and security outlets.

Enterprise Affordability

Budgets are tight, demand is high. Sucuri has the luxury of size and youth, we bring the right level of enthusiasm, adaptability, and technology to the enterprise website security game.

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