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Knowing that my website would be watched by an organization that had a lot more expertise than I did gives me great assurance. Also, the fact that other WP experts were using Sucuri for their security needs was a huge plus.


In 2009, owner, Louis Lapides, launched ScriptureSolutions to address the lack of a biblical focus he saw in many churches and ministries throughout the United States. ScriptureSolutions is dedicated to an expository perspective on the Word of God as communicated through his articles and printed materials that are based on Scriptures on a scholarly level.

In 2011-2012 he started the ScriptureSolutions website after reading several manuals on WordPress and listening to various tutorials. When it came to very technical issues, Louis hired WordPress expert, Noel Saw, who helped move the site to GoDaddy and install various plugins that aided in keeping the site free of malware, but in a cursory fashion.


For four years, the website ran well without any issues. Then suddenly, Louis started receiving emails from users telling him that many of the links on the ScriptureSolutions site were redirecting to pornography websites. Louis knew immediately that this was beyond his expertise. He contacted Noel who realized right away that the problem needed more attention than he was able to give. That’s when he advised Louis to find a more serious website security interface to access the corrupted files using an FTP protocol and address the data infected by the malware.


This was the first time I had heard of Sucuri but my WordPress developer was familiar with Sucuri and gave it his highest recommendation.

Being a Christian website, Louis needed a quick fix to this unintentional redirect allowing users access to a pornographic site. It was embarrassing, to say the least. Immediately, Louis opened up an account with Sucuri and spoke with one of the technical advisors via Chat. Sucuri’s remote and server-side scanners performed a scan on his website detecting the malware. It was recommended for Lous to subscribe to Sucuri’s Website Firewall (WAF), which he did.

We take a prevention is better than cure approach and would rather stop aWhat made me attracted to Sucuri was the fact that Sucuri would be monitoring my website continually at regular intervals scanning for malware and other content defacements.


Louis has been a Sucuri customer for 4 years now. When technical questions about the services arise, Louis uses the chat feature or email. His concerns are addressed in a quick manner. When navigating through the Sucuri website, Louis’ experience is a user-friendly one; easy to find answers to his questions. The “up and running” chart is simple for him to understand, as well as other malware-related concerns.

My website has never had any exploits or vulnerabilities since I started using Sucuri.


Thought Leaders in Website Security

Sucuri has been involved specifically in the website security space over 6 years, analyzing what attackers do and how they do it. This knowledge is at the core of how the technology is built.

Simple Deployment

There is no installation required, the technology is quickly enabled via the Sucuri dashboard and at the DNS level. Changes can be made via an A record switch, or full DNS management.

Active Vulnerability Research

Sucuri’s research is second to none when it comes to vulnerability exploit attempts. Our research is widely distributed and syndicated across all major media and security outlets.

Enterprise Affordability

Budgets are tight, demand is high. Sucuri has the luxury of size and youth, we bring the right level of enthusiasm, adaptability, and technology to the enterprise website security game.

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