Our Story

As real as it gets. We are Sucuri.

Sucuri, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation, with our team spread across four continents and over 8 countries. The company was founded by two highly passionate members of the Information Security (InfoSec) domain, both focusing on two very distinct areas – Defensive/Preventive and Awareness.

Sucuri’s inception was in 2008 in the bedroom of our founder, but the idea of tackling the web-based malware problem first came to us in 2004. You can find distant cousins of our engine under the name of Owl, version .1, and WIGS (Web Information Gathering System). Both open-source projects were offered to the masses for free. It was through this process that we built the knowledge we required to understand what end-users really need.

Sucuri, the brand, rose from the rivers of the Brazilian Amazon in 2009, making its first sale in 2010, and incorporating in the USA later that year. The product was developed as a cost-effective solution that would help any web site recover from a malware compromise and protect them to stay secure moving forward.

Detect, Remove and Protect

Web sites, just like desktop computers, need to be built and maintained with proper security to protect the web site integrity, availability and confidentiality. Not only for the web site itself, but anyone visiting it.

And all our services revolve around protecting web sites. Our goal is to be able to detect compromises, remove any malicious artifact and protect the web site from ever being compromised again.

Protection for every web site!

We are a team of professionals with simple ideals but grand goals. We work every day to improve our processes and, more importantly, bring our service to prospective clients while retaining a quality service for existing clients.

Since our official inception in 2010 we have more than quadrupled in size in all measurable metrics and have established ourselves as a dominating force in the anti-web malware and security industry. Our clients span the globe, reaching every continent except for Antarctica. We stay true to our values, which is as simple as our mission:

The most vulnerable time for any website owner is when all seems to be lost; your site has been blacklisted, your techy cousin is unable to help, and your host has told you it’s your problem. We want to help you retain perspective, calmly engage, while treating you with respect, and get your site back online, quickly.

What’s in a Name?

We get funny looks from folks as they try to pronounce our company name, or when they hear us pronounce it. But Sucuri the name has an important meaning to us.

“Sucuri” is Portuguese: it’s the name for the Anaconda found in the Brazilian Amazon. The Sucuri has a reputation for being big and dangerous, dominating its habitat. It has a life-span of 30 years and is recorded as the second largest snake in the world. Like our namesake, we dominate our habitat and are dangerous to those intent on maliciously attacking websites.

The name also has a second meaning, it was the name given to a Brazilian tank destroyer in the 1980s, the EE-18 Sucuri Tank Destroyer. What more is there to say? It’s a tank destroyer and we’re a malware destroyer.

Client Love

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our clients can confirm. Check out some real recommendations from real clients.

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