Sucuri Introduces the Sales Enablement Department

  • October, 17th, 2018 11am PST
  • Joshua Hammer - Sales Operations Manager

During this webinar, you will meet our Sales Enablement team and preview the marketing information packages we have created for web agencies.

  • Guide to talking with clients about website security
  • Email templates to send to clients
  • Case studies from other web professionals
  • Checklist for securing client projects

This is part one of a four-part series where we show you how to position website security to your customers. Our Sales Enablement team will be in attendance for this webinar providing an extended Q&A section… so bring your questions!

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October, 17th, 2018

11am PST

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Joshua Hammer

Joshua Hammer

Sales Operations Manager

Josh is managing the sales chat team for Sucuri. When he is not reading about the newest hacks or delving into website security, he is at home playing board games with his family or video games with friends.

Victor Santoyo

Victor Santoyo

Account Executive

Victor is an Account Executive for Sucuri. A technology enthusiast focused on expanding his knowledge of online security. When away from the keyboard, going out for long runs or watching sports with his family. He loves to RT so follow him on Twitter.

Steve Renteria

Steve Renteria

Account Executive

Steve is an Account Manager for Sucuri. He served in the U.S. Marine Corp, has three beautiful daughters and in his spare time sings, writes, and plays his own music! Also a food lover, Steve considers himself to be a pretty darn good amateur chef.

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