FireChat: Reactive and Proactive Protection for Web Agencies.

Your clients depend on you as a knowledgeable professional. If a hack brings their website down, what is your plan?

In this fire chat, we're looking to find answers to some of the questions web agencies have been asking us for years, in hopes of shedding more light into how you, as an agency, need to respond to security threats your customers face.

Introducing website security early on in your relationship with customers is the first step, and we can help guide the way through that conversation.

Let's learn together how to be ready and effective in doing just that.

Victoria • Canada • Home of Sucuri's
Alycia - Digital Marketing Manager


Toni Taylor

Name: Toni Taylor

Title: Marketing Director

Bio: I understand how hard it is to grow a business and every company should have the opportunity to succeed. That’s why I provide customized marketing services to rapidly grow your business. From website design & SEO to content marketing and reputation management, I’ve got you covered. You can find her on Twitter at @toniswebdesign

Bob Dunn

Name: Bob Dunn

Title: Blogger & Podcaster

Bio: Bob Dunn, AKA BobWP, is a WordPress blogger and podcaster. He has helped thousands of WordPress users around the globe and blogs at He also hosts four podcasts on WordPress, eCommerce, Monetization and the WordPress community. You can find him on Twitter at @bobWP

Victor Santoyo

Name: Victor Santoyo

Title: Account Executive

Bio: Victor is an Account Executive for Sucuri. A technology enthusiast focused on expanding his knowledge of online security. When away from the keyboard, going out for long runs or watching sports with his family. He loves to RT so follow him on Twitter @v_santoyo

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Designed to streamline the deployment and sustainment of your customer projects.

  • Protect your customer projects
  • Preserve your agency reputation
  • Add or remove websites flexibly
  • Rely on trusted professionals
  • Manage multiple domains (10+)

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