Sucuri’s Referral Program


Sucuri’s Referral Program is designed to pay individuals and companies for referring new customers directly to Sucuri. We pay 25% commission based upon annual amount the customer would be paying us and $100 for each agency you refer to us.

This page will always contain the most updated commission rates, although it would be extremely rare for existing rates to ever change:

Our referral program is designed to reward customers and affiliates for referring new customers to Sucuri and help expand our brand. In the sections below, we will break down the different types of affiliate marketers, promotion methods, disclosures you should be aware of, and frequently asked questions.

Types of Affiliate Marketers

Below is a list of the most popular types of affiliate marketers that use our referral program. If you don’t fall into any of these categories, don’t worry. This is a general guide that can’t cover every type of affiliate marketer out there.

1 Bloggers & Webmasters

We love working with bloggers and website owners. There’s been hundreds of posts about Sucuri published across the internet due to bloggers who understand the value of our services.

If you have a large audience of website owners, you should absolutely tell your customers about Sucuri. Many website owners aren’t aware which website security companies are out there. Being informed takes the pressure off having to waste time figuring out who to use if ever their website is offline and at risk for losing money. They’ll know there’s a company like Sucuri they can trust.

Some of them may choose to immediately sign up for our firewall, while others may just be happy to know we exist in case their website is ever compromised. Either way, they will be grateful that you’ve let them know about our services.

2 Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting companies probably have life a bit easier than most of our other affiliates. As a hosting company, customers often contact you when they’ve been hacked. Other times, you’re the first to know their website has been compromised and are notifying them.

In either scenario, those customers are needing an immediate solution. Web hosting companies choose to recommend Sucuri simply because they know that we will take care of their customers. We aren’t running automated systems that just tell customers their website has been cleaned. Our team manually reviews every website because we understand that it’s your reputation is on the line when you’re recommending customers to us.

While many web hosting companies do start off with our referral program, they have other options available as well. Please contact for more details.

3 Pay-Per Click Marketers

We are frequently promoted by PPC marketers and allow almost all forms of paid advertising. In a section below, we’ll go into more detail about what PPC can and cannot do.

If you’re a PPC marketer, we’d definitely recommend that you consider joining Sucuri’s referral program. We’ve worked with a ton of people in the same position as you and they’ve found a great deal of success in promoting our services via paid advertising.

4 Freelancers & Agencies

Sucuri has an Agency Partner Program with volume discounts for those that manage services directly on behalf of their clients. However, many freelancers and agencies still choose to use the referral program since it’s a bit simpler to start with and doesn’t require you to have a minimum amount of websites. If you’re not interested in our agency program, the referral program is absolutely where you should be.

We work with a ton of agencies and understand how much time has been invested into building your brand. We will take care of your customers in the same way you would.

5 Happy Sucuri Customers

If you’re a happy Sucuri customer, you should be making money by promoting us. Your website may not be about anything related to website security. At the very least, we’d recommend adding the tagline “Protected by Sucuri” and using your referral link in it.

A lot of people still look at the footer of web pages for anything–from contact details to information about what software the website is using. Your readers and competitors will be able to clearly see that you use Sucuri. And if they want to use Sucuri too, you’ll earn a commission when they click your link and signup.

Did you know?

As long as a customer creates an account within 30 days of clicking on your link, you’ll be credited for the sale.

Promotional Methods

Similar to our list above, this is just a list of the most popular ways that affiliates choose to promote Sucuri. If you plan on promoting us in a different way, that’s okay!

1 Review Articles

Many of our affiliates are customers that have just decided to write a review about us and want to earn some money from it. Articles reviewing Sucuri tend to be the first thing done by most affiliates and can be very profitable.

With that being said, it’s important to be honest. Most people don’t love every aspect about a company. It’s okay to love a company’s service, but dislike certain parts of it. Let people know what you do and don’t like. Let them know why you choose to use us over competitors. And most importantly,let them know why you think they should be using Sucuri.

If there’s anything you don’t like about Sucuri, we would also love to hear about it. Please email and talk to us about it. Our company’s growth is largely based around our reputation and it’s crucial that we understand your concerns.

2 Page Promoters

One of the most useful features of our referral program is that affiliates have the ability to link to any page on our website. This allows you to use your referral link to earn a commission without directly promoting us or trying to convince people to sign up.

For example, you may want to let your newsletter subscribers or social media followers know about a vulnerability we’ve announced on our blog. You can link to that article by using your referral link so you earn a commission if readers end up creating an account with us anytime within 30 days after reading the article.

Other places that affiliates commonly link to are our product pages, guides, and SiteCheck.

You can create these links by using the Create A Link section in the Impact Radius’ dashboard.

3 Paid Advertising

We do allow paid advertising and many PPC marketers to promote our services, as many have been very successful. There are no restrictions on which networks you can use to promote us.

However, please remember that we don’t allow direct trademark bidding on these Protected Terms: “sucuri”, “”, “sucuri security”. However, you can bid using “Protected Term + Keyword”. For example, it is okay to bid on the phrase “sucuri review” or “ reviews”.

If you’re a PPC marketer, we’d highly recommend giving our referral program a try.

4 Social Media

Social media marketers tend to have the best conversions when following our blog and linking to vulnerability disclosures. If you have a large tech following, we’d recommend subscribing to our blog (and social media accounts) to stay updated on disclosures and announcements.

You can then use your referral link to directly link people to the disclosure on our blog.

5 Website Banners

We offer a variety of banners in different sizes that can be used by affiliates. You can see our pre-made banners by going to Ads > Search Ads in Impact Radius.

If you run a large website and want us to customize some banners for you, please reach out to and we’d be happy to help in any way we can.

Impact Radius will let you monitor the number of impressions, clicks, sales, conversion data, etc. that your banners generate. The banners can also be used to promote us in paid advertising on third-party websites.

6 Existing Content

A lot of new affiliates start off by writing reviews about companies they’re affiliated with. And this does work great, but let’s not forget about all of the places Sucuri can be mentioned in your existing articles.

For example, if you have an article about how to create a website or blog, that’s a perfect place to promote Sucuri. The article is already written and it would take less than 10 minutes to add a link to Sucuri at the end to let people know that if they’re going to create a website, it’s important that it’s protected.

Website security tends to be one of the easier services to promote because it can fit into so many different pieces of content. In virtually any content where you’re providing a tutorial about how to do something on a website, you can mention the importance of security.

If you need help figuring out how to mention Sucuri in existing content, just email and we’d be happy to help out.

7 YouTube Videos

YouTube is a great venue for promoting Sucuri and gives affiliates a lot of options.

You could create a simple video review of your experience with Sucuri or you could create in-depth tutorials on how to use Sucuri’s dashboard. We’ll leave the creativity up to you.

In some cases, we may help promote your videos in certain ways as well.

8 Email Marketing

We do allow affiliates to engage in email marketing subscribers who have double opted-in to their lists. Emails, especially ones that are announcing new vulnerabilities can have great conversion rates. However, you must be emailing your own list.

We do not allow affiliates to send spam, pay for email blasts, or send emails to anyone that hasn’t explicitly opted-in to receive those emails.

From time to time, we may also be able to provide you with discounts or free trials that can be offered to your existing subscribers or as an incentive for people to subscribe to your newsletter.

9 Sitecheck Integration

As an affiliate, you can link directly to SiteCheck results for a domain.

This is extremely useful for agencies and web hosting companies that want to show a customer that their website has been compromised. We highly recommend using your referral link to send customers to these results in case they decide to immediately signup for us to clean their website.

10 Custom Partners

We’re always open to new types of partnerships. We love partnering with companies and figuring out how we can both benefit. If you have any ideas about unique ways to refer customers to Sucuri, we’d love to hear about them and help you make it happen.

FTC Disclosures & Legal Requirements

As an affiliate of Sucuri, you are required to disclose that there is a commercial connection between yourself and Sucuri. You must follow the guidelines outlined by the Federal Trade Commission as well as any local guidelines that may apply to you.

We suggest reading these pages provided by the FTC for guidance:

Earn commission on referrals and help us secure the internet.

Our Website Application Firewall (WAF) stops hackers, speeds up load times, and increases site availability.

Should I Be Using the Referral Program?

This question is most commonly asked by freelancers, web agencies, and hosting companies. We do have an agency program for agencies and freelancers; we also have custom integration options for web hosting companies. The referral program certainly isn’t your only option.

If you aren’t sure which option you should be using, please email to get the best advice on your options. However, the information below may help you make this decision.

Our referral program is the only program offered where you earn a commission for referring customers directly to Sucuri and don’t have to act as the middleman. If you want us to pay you for each referral and take care of the customer for you, the referral program is what should be used. No other program we offer will provide you with those features.

The most important thing to remember is that as an affiliate, you must refer customers directly to us. The customer has to create their own account with their own payment information. Customer accounts cannot be created by affiliates.

However, if you’re interested in managing the customer’s account and billing them yourself, our agency program or a custom partnership may be a better fit for you.

We don’t force partners to go with one option or the other. We understand that every person’s business needs are a bit different which is why we provide multiple options for you to choose from.

The questions below are the most frequently asked by affiliates. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact for help.

Referral Program FAQ

  • When do payouts happen?

    You will receive your payout 65 days after the end of the month that the sale took place. For example, if a sale took place in January, you would receive the commission on April 5th.

  • Do I have to use my referral link?

    Yes. We will not manually credit your account for sales that took place without using your referral link. We don’t have a ton of rules or requirements, but using your referral link is one of them. It’s very important for making sure everything is tracked and credited properly.

  • How quickly should customers sign up?

    As long as a customer creates an account within 30 days of clicking on your link, you’ll be credited for the sale. If someone clicks your affiliate link, but then clears their cookies or changes which browser they are using, we cannot guarantee that you will get credit for the sale. However, the same logic applies to every affiliate program in the world.

  • Do you offer recurring commissions?

    No. We are not currently offering recurring commissions at this time.

  • Can I create accounts for customers?

    No. You cannot create an account for a customer. They must create their own account, using their own email address and payment information. If you’re worried about them having trouble creating their own account, please have them come into live chat or give us a call and our sales team will be happy to walk them through the process.

  • Why do you use Comission Junction?

    Similar to most large affiliate programs, we choose to use an affiliate network so that partners can be assured that everything is being tracked properly. Additionally, this makes it easier for affiliates who are members of a large amount of affiliate programs.

  • Can you credit me for a missed sale?

    Maybe. However, it’s very rare for sales to be “missed”. Most likely, we credited another affiliate for the sale. Almost all affiliate programs will credit the affiliate whose link was clicked on last. Please note that we will never credit accounts for referrals that took place before approval of your application to join the referral program.

  • Will you pay me higher commision rate?

    Maybe. If you’re generating a large amount of referrals on a monthly basis, we don’t have a problem paying more for that. However, we will not change commission rates based upon future projections. We will need to see the referrals coming in before deciding how much your rate can be increased.

Ready to join our referral program?

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