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What is a Magento Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A content delivery network or (CDN) uses caching and multiple points of presence (PoP) around the world to serve up your website quickly to visitors. It ensures availability during traffic spikes and DDoS attacks through the use of a distributed network. A CDN gives your website a boost in speed by presenting the website to the visitor from the closest PoP.

It might sound super technical, but think of it from a visitor’s perspective. The top CDN providers are committed to making sure your visitors enjoy an available website that delivers content as quickly as possible. Given the amount of competition online today, finding the best CDN can mean a real advantage by keeping your website as fast as possible and always being available.

Why Use a Magento CDN?

You might be asking why use a Magento CDN? Having website content cached or replicated across the network makes a website readily available to end users. When you think about ecommerce websites, availability is even more crucial for an online store to succeed. With an optimized use of a network of servers, content can be delivered most efficiently, providing a smooth experience for visitors — so they stay on your site and return in the future.

With Magento online stores, a common element is image-intensive pages, and a CDN almost becomes critical to a high-traffic website to ensure that pages load quickly.

How to Choose a CDN for Your Magento Website

In order to choose a Magento CDN, you can look at CDN provider reviews, check out the pages of each CDN and contact their sales team to ask questions. It might feel overwhelming to try finding the best CDN for your Magento ecommerce site, but we’ve already done some of the heavy lifting. To help make choosing a CDN easier, there are a few key factors to consider:

1. Magento Support

You might find the best CDN for Magento only to discover it’s not perfect for your ecommerce website. As you’re evaluating a potential CDN, make sure it has no issues with running with Magento.

2. Support for Images

Image file sizes get large and this is where a Magento CDN can help your site speed. But first, make sure it can actually deliver images. Most ecommerce sites are full of images, it’s a good idea to include the best image CDN for Magento in your search.

3. Support for Video Streaming

Video content can also account for a lot of your site’s speed. The best Magento video CDN will ensure visitors have a great watching experience and keep them coming back for your video content.

4. Safe Ecommerce Caching Options

Caching is key to providing a speedy browsing experience. It’s important your Magento CDN has a minimal caching option. You want to avoid caching logged-in users, especially carts and checkouts for security reasons. The Sucuri CDN offers minimal caching options for ecommerce websites.

5. Technical Support

Even the best Magento CDN isn’t worth much if you have trouble operating it. Top Magento CDN providers typically offer some type of technical assistance, either paid or free. If you’re considering one for yourself, the price and availability of tech support merits serious consideration.

Choosing a Magento CDN Provider

We’ve rounded up today’s best Magento CDN providers in order to give you a side-by-side comparison. Take a look at the features and pricing, and don’t hesitate to contact our team of helpful pros with any questions or concerns.

Top Magento CDN Providers Compared

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30-Day Guarantee

Sucuri Google Cloud CDN Nexcess Cloudflare Amazon CloudFront
Average Score 4.6 4.5 4.4 4.5
Number of Reviews 241 675 116 67
Pricing From $9.99/mo $0.02 – $0.20/GB From $49/mo From $0/mo First year free
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Protection Yes Paid version
Improved Performance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HTTP/2 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart Caching Options Yes Yes Caching for images only
Free SSL on Firewall Server Yes
24/7 Chat Support Yes Available in some packages Yes Starts at $3000/month
Comparison Pages Sucuri vs. Google Cloud CDN Sucuri vs. Nexcess Sucuri vs. CloudFlare Sucuri vs. Amazon CloudFront

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It’s also backed by best-in-class research as well as free technical support from a team of experienced pros. Getting started is easy. You can test the Sucuri Magento CDN and firewall free for one month to see how improves the security and speed of your website.

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