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If you want to find an alternative to Akamai for the best website application firewall, we encourage you to research your options and read online reviews. It is important to make an informed decision about who to trust with your website, brand reputation, and business.

We reviewed our sales calls and chat transcripts to see what users said when considering alternatives to Akamai. We also read what Akamai customers were saying online, contacted their support team, and researched their website.


Akamai is a globally distributed edge platform. Akamai makes websites faster and more secure and provides a defensive shield built to protect websites, mobile infrastructure, and API-driven requests.


Sucuri is a cloud-based website security provider that specializes in website malware research. With Sucuri, businesses and web professionals can protect their websites, improve performance, monitor for indicators of compromise, and receive unlimited support for security incidents.

Akamai vs Sucuri Comparison

Sucuri is an alternative to Akamai with the best cost-benefit in the market.

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30-Day Guarantee

Sucuri Akamai
Protection Pricing Starts at $9.99/month Starts at $2500/month
Malware Removal Yes
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Protection Yes
Server-Side Detection Yes
SSL Certificate (on WAF) Yes
DDoS Attack Mitigation Yes Yes
Improved Performance with CDN Yes

Feature Comparison

Akamai is an enterprise-level product and the cost can be prohibitive for small organizations. Sucuri has a website security plan suitable for every website, from a small blog to a large enterprise.

User-friendly Dashboard

Sucuri offers a user-friendly dashboard. The product activation is simple and Sucuri representatives are happy to help. Akamai’s user interface can be daunting and confusing to new users and requires specialized training or SIEM integration systems. You can see a preview of the Sucuri dashboard in the online demo.

Customer Support

Sucuri offers 24/7/365 support. You can reach a trained Sucuri representative via chat, phone, social media channels, and email. Sucuri can set up any product for you via a ticket system. Some Akamai customers reported that they try to upsell their product when a customer needs technical support. Another concern is that some Akamai phone support representatives do not speak fluent English, making communication difficult.

Predictable Pricing and Volume Discounts

Sucuri has a predictable pricing system based on the level of response required. For web professionals, Sucuri offers volume discounts and flexibility to protect your client projects. Sucuri also has an enterprise-level plan with customizable features to suit your business needs. Some Akamai customers believe that their billing practices are deceptive and that their contracts are confusing.

DDoS Attack Mitigation

Sucuri offers unlimited distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks mitigation in all Web Application Firewall plans. No matter the attack size, type, or duration, Sucuri has built custom points of presence capable of handling a massive amount of malicious traffic. Akamai offers DDoS and web application protection with Kona Site Defender.

Zero-Day Exploit Prevention

Sucuri researchers work night and day to stay on top of new website threats. In 2018, the Sucuri Firewall successfully protected websites from 99% of zero-day vulnerabilities. This type of security flaw is not known to software developers, meaning that security patches aren’t available. Despite this, the Sucuri Firewall blocks the vast majority of these exploitation attempts. Akamai also offers protection against previously disclosed website threats.

Unlimited Malware Removal Requests

Sucuri offers unlimited malware removal in all Website Security Platform plans. This includes automated cleanup, manual inspection, and a complete report of the quarantined files. Sucuri security analysts will clean your website and escalate emerging threats to our research department. Akamai does not offer malware removal services.

Why Choose Sucuri?

What makes Sucuri the best WAF for small businesses and developers?

Thought Leaders in Website Security

Sucuri Labs offers unique insights that together with our Sucuri Blog help millions of website owners protect their property. This has earned us press and media mentions from top news outlets, industry blogs, and cybersecurity journalists.

A Safe Internet is Our Mission

We offer SiteCheck Scanner for free and create DIY guides to help prevent or fix website hacks. Our customers recommend Sucuri in over 70 customer studies and over 200 reviews on Gartner that earned us a Customer’s Choice distinction.

Our solutions address today’s security incidents and tomorrow’s threats.

Trusted by Tens of Thousands of Website Owners

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Jim Blankenship

Financial Ducks in a Row, Jim Blankenship

If you don’t want to learn to be a system administrator and you want to be able to resolve hacker/malware attacks quickly, Sucuri is an excellent choice to take care of this part of your business. It’s one less thing to worry about.
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Cory Miller

ithemes, Cory Miller

Sucuri is an active part of our team and work alongside us to help protect our website. Being behind the Sucuri WAF, we see hundreds of attacks prevented every single day. We know that the only way to be 100% secure on the web is to shut down your servers and turn off your computer, but since working with Sucuri we know that if anything does happen, we’re in the best possible hands.
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Syed Balkhi

WPBeginner, Syed Balkhi

Our server load has come down on WPBeginner – insanely! Security is a big thing and is the primary reason we use Sucuri, but the added benefit is the speed aspect – because everything goes through the WAF and it’s that much faster.
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Cart66, Lee

The content delivery network is great. You can easily clear the cache, temporarily disable cache if you are working on something, and even stop caching for certain URLs. SSL support is great. I haven’t run into anything I want to do but couldn’t. Sucuri has all the tools you need right there.
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Sean Jackson

Rainmaker Digital, Sean Jackson

As an Enterprise client, security is constantly evolving and dependent on the type of WordPress installs you have. Do you want to build that expertise in house and try to keep up or do you want a dedicated team to do it? Having internal security experts is helpful, but owning a large numbers of sites, the sheer scale demands that you have a resource partner to help 24/7.
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