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Website AntiVirus

Website Malware Detection and Cleanup

Your personal Incident Response Team offering you 24 / 7 / 365 security support, when you need it and when you don’t know you need it. It is an extension to your development and design team, focused strictly on the integrity and security of your website. When you are losing business because Google has blacklisted your website, or clients are complaining that their Desktop AntiVirus is blocking your website, the Website AntiVirus product will be there to help.

Offering every website owners the best:

  1. Malware Detection and Cleanup – No page limits, No Cleanup Limits
  2. Website Blacklist Repair – Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bing
  3. Search Engine Poisoning (SEP) and Dirty Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Repair

Sucuri - Complete Website Security - AntiVirus

Website Firewall

Website Malware Prevention and DDOS Protection.

Affordable Enterprise Level protection for your website, providing you the peace of mind you require to run your online presence. As business owners, many do not have the time or the resources required to adequately protect their websites. The Website Firewall changes that by making security accessible and easy to use, safeguarding your data, content and keeping your users safe.

Offering every website owner:

  1. Denial of Service Mitigation
  2. Malware and Blacklist Prevention
  3. Stopping Hackers from penetrating your website

Sucuri - Complete Website Security - Firewall

Don’t like videos? Prefer to read? Ok!

Getting started is simple; it consists of 5 steps. Each one is important, so be sure to read them, and if you have any questions just let us know at

Purchase Sucuri

1. Purchase a Plan

First, pick a plan that best suits your needs. Remember to get a plan that covers the number of sites on a server to help reduce the reinfection risk. Sign up here. If you decide to upgrade to a different plan to cover more sites just submit a ‘general’ ticket and we’ll take care of it.

Add a Website

2. Add Your Websites

Once you’re signed up you need to add a site to be monitored. It takes 60 minutes for the site to be added to the scan cycle and start monitoring for changes. The one stipulation is that you ensure to stay within the number of sites in your plan (see step 1). You have the right to swap out your sites at any time during your subscription.

Sucuri Monitoring

3. Adjust Monitoring Options

The monitoring options let you choose between the different options and time intervals. Be sure to read our monitoring page to understand each of the options and how they can be of value to you. We do not recommend enabling everything unless you have a clear understanding of what it’s collecting and reporting.

Sucuri Alerts

4. Set up Alerts

Monitoring won’t do you much good if you don’t know you have a problem, so be sure to configure your preferred notification mechanism. By default alerts will automatically go to your account email address. You can add more email addresses, or even configure Twitter to be notified via direct messages.

Sucuri Malware Removal

5. Malware Removal Ticket

This is probably the most important step. If you do find that your site is affected by malware be sure to submit a malware request ticket so that we can begin the remediation process.

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