DNS Monitoring

Domain Name Servers (DNS) forward visitors to the correct resources on the internet when they enter a website address or click a link. The DNS does this by turning a website name into a string of numbers. Think of it like a store location being translated into a street address. Without functional DNS servers, your website would be unavailable.

Monitoring DNS is an essential part of your website security. DNS monitoring tools check the reliability of the servers and changes in the DNS configuration.

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Why is DNS Monitoring Important?

DNS monitoring will alert you if the DNS becomes unavailable, or if changes are made that you should be aware of, such as your DNS being intermittent, or hackers changing your DNS with malicious intent.

Sucuri’s DNS Monitoring Tools & Services

Sucuri offers DNS monitoring services with the Sucuri website security platform. To activate it, simply enable the website malware scanning on the Sucuri dashboard.

Alerts from our DNS monitoring tools & services should be expected when there are changes made to your DNS records.

The Sucuri Monitoring Solution

The Sucuri monitoring system alerts you:

  • if your DNS becomes unavailable;
  • if unintended alterations have been made;
  • if hackers have changed your DNS with malicious intent.

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Getting Started with the DNS Scanner


Add Your Site to the Remote Scanner

After signing up, just type your website URL to get started and the remote scanner will be enabled instantly.


Adjust Monitoring Types

By default, we check your DNS records for changes. You can adjust the frequency of the scans from your Sucuri dashboard settings to suit your needs.


Set Up Alerts and Email Reports

Our global alerts settings in your Sucuri profile allow you to setup alerting via email, SMS, Slack, and RSS. You can also set up generic post requests to your own custom webhooks in JSON, CSV, HTML, or plain text formats. Our email reports recap data found by our monitoring engines and can be sent to you via plain text or HTML. Setting up weekly or monthly emails is an optional feature as well.

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