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After adding a website, it will take a little while for it to be
scanned for the first time (generally under 1 hr). You can find more information about the monitoring types on the Sucuri Monitoring options page.

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API v2 (intro)

With the introduction of the new code for the CloudProxy API the structure of the responses was unified and now all of them are JSON-encoded. Every request you send will be responded with the same same attributes and only the values will be changed when your request is executed successfully.

'status': boolean,
'messages': []string,
'action': string,
'request_time': timestamp,
'verbose': boolean,
'output': []object
Attribute Type Description
status boolean Either a one or a zero. This property indicates the success or fail of the operation, you will find an explanation of this accessing the messages property and looping through all the messages added there (if not empty).
messages []string A list of messages collected through the execution of the action specified in the request.
action string The official name of the action executed, the old action names from the first API version will be available in this one but is recommended to change them and start using the values returned in this attribute.
request_time timestamp The Unix Time of the moment when the request reached our servers.
verbose boolean Either a one or a zero. This property indicates the state of the verbosing for the responses, you can modify it adding verbose a verbose parameter in the request to force the return of the output object instead of all the response properties.
output []object If the request was processed by the API successfully then this attribute will be filled with data resulting from the operation executed internally by our services. If status is reporting an error then this attribute will be returned as empty.
property string This is not a property of the response but a parameter that you can use to filter the result of the operation and the data returned after you send the request. If set, this parameter will cause the response to be simplified automatically without the use of the parameter verbose and if the string passed as the value is found as an attribute of the output object then it will object then it will be shown in the response, if not found a null will be returned instead.

This option can be used to clear CloudProxy cache after any website changes have been made.
This will reflect live as soon as you click the clear cache button.

curl '' \
--data 'k=API_KEY' \
--data 's=API_SECRET' \
--data 'a=clear_cache'

This action allows you to whitelist your current IP address so you won't be blocked by some of our security rules. You will also have access your admin panels if you have it restricted to only trusted IP Addresses on the security settings. By default this endpoint will whitelist the IP address associated to the HTTP request of the client, if you want to specify a custom IP you have to pass the parameter ip with a valid IPv4 address.

curl '' \
--data 'k=API_KEY' \
--data 's=API_SECRET' \
--data 'a=whitelist_ip' \
--data 'ip='

This action allows you to retrieve from our service your current account settings for the domain associated with the API Key passed in the request. Note that not all the settings of your account will be returned only the ones that we consider as public data.

curl '' \
--data 'k=API_KEY' \
--data 's=API_SECRET' \
--data 'a=show_settings'
Option Type Description
domain string The domain of the site.
internal_ip_main string The internal IP address of the site.
proxy_active integer One if the service is active, zero otherwise.
whitelist_list []string A list with all the IP addresses whitelisted so far.
security_level string The security level chosen for your site.
cache_mode string The caching level chosen for your site.

This action allows you to retrieve the latest audit log entries caught by our service, you will get a dump of all the blocked events for the date specified (or for the current day if you don't specify this parameter) allowing you to integrate our data in your own dashboard.

Note. The parameters date, query, offset and limit are optionals and currently they are not fully implemented so if you have an issue with one of them please report it to our development team.

curl '' \
--data 'k=API_KEY' \
--data 's=API_SECRET' \
--data 'a=audit_trails' \
--data 'date=yyyy-mm-dd' \
--data 'query=Lorem+ipsum+dolor' \
--data 'offset=0' \
--data 'limit=50'