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Jess Knollmeyer is a digital designer with a passion for people and big ideas. Though currently residing in Australia, she is originally from Seattle, Washington and is an avid yogi. With a UX/UI background, she is well versed in both technical and aesthetic digital design aspects and brings several years of experience as well as a comprehensive creativity to work with her. Jess works for 24Digital, and her experience in the digital space led her to find Sucuri and activate effective security solutions to help her company.

I love the platform! It’s been really helpful for us.

Jess is a Digital Producer for 24Digital, a small digital marketing agency founded about 16 years ago and based in Melbourne, Australia. The company focuses on creating long-term partnerships with a variety of brands and businesses. They work alongside their clients in order to create a strong online presence through digital strategy, websites and/or eCommerce sites. Their goal is to work so closely with each client that they essentially meld with the client’s existing team. This ultimately improves 24Digital’s ability to make qualified suggestions. Being fully conscious of how each business operates, the digital brand they create will be more effective in helping grow their each client’s business.

To create quality relationships the team focuses on maximizing long-term engagement with the client. Because every business is different, it is important to acknowledge the nuances in leadership, customer base, and business operations. After gaining a better understanding of their client’s unique business, 24Digital offer recommendations that are rational, necessary, on par with business goals and backed by actual data. Often these solutions are implemented to increase sales, or to expand exposure and grow the top layer of the marketing funnel.

At 24Digital, our core offering is digital strategy and web development. We focus on WordPress and Magento with some other customer development as well. Regardless of the work we’re doing, we really focus on the partnerships with the people we work with. We really like to get to know them and work as though we’re a part of their team within their business.

Data Driven Problem Solving

Website image, digital brand image, target market product positioning, and SEO are some of the specific problems 24Digital works with their clients to solve. To acquire the most comprehensive and accurate data, 24 completes user interviews, customer questionnaires and workshops with the client. All aspects focus on a high level of interpersonal interaction.

At a core level, most client’s problems stem from not getting enough engagement on their website or not getting enough traffic on their websites. The solution is very individual. It can be looking at the content they’re offering. Do they need to employ a copywriter, or a photographer who will help them with a weak spot in the business? Sometimes, it’s operational. Is it design based. User experience helps improve design.

A prime example of 24Digital’s level of work can be seen through the story regarding their work with Freeze MND (Moto Neurone Disease). In short, they helped this effort raise more than 2 million dollars in under a month. The full case study can be found on their blog. The ability to deep dive into their digital specialty provides their clients with a wealthy resource of experience.

At this time, the digital house actively manages 50 to 60 business websites. They are in contact with those clients on a weekly basis. In addition to those clients being actively managed, 24Digital also has a roster of up to 100 business (and/or individuals) that they assist occasionally. With only 10 people in the agency they operate very lean and have sought to maximize the efficiency of their process. The organization’s key values play a large role in their operation.

We like to share as much knowledge with our clients as we can. We like to position ourselves as a team that could potentially fit within their small business as opposed to an external agency. The more knowledge that we can share about digital, about online, about internet security, it helps us create a better partnership. And, it’s valuable information to our clients and makes the ongoing partnership easy.

Digital: More Than Just Design

As a digital agency, it’s difficult to ignore the intersection of security with the business’s online presence. Part of 24Digital’s strategy is to educate their customer, and one of the domains they focus on is security. For example, Jess provided us with a summary of an actual customer experience they encountered.

It’s a major flooring company here in Australia. They have about 140 stores across Australia, and we manage their website. We got a notice from Rackspace, their hosting provider. Their site was down, and we logged into the website platform only to see some crazy spikes in monitoring activity. At that point, the whole team was pretty busy and I attempted to jump into terminal. I’m a project manager-I don’t do that. But, we needed to get some reports. We basically figured out that the site was under attack. It was the same day that there was a big security release for XMLRCP. Those attacks were hitting really hard from that day on. So, we really had to scramble and essentially we had to decide what we would do.

Thankfully, Jess and 24Digital had already been made aware of a possible solution that would not only enable 24Digital to continue providing their services to their client, but also would allow their client to move forward with their online business.

We’d used Sucuri before for scans, but we never used the firewall or the malware clean up services. But, it immediately came to mind. We logged onto the website, saw the firewall and said, “Quick! Let’s go!”. We got signed up, and get it into place, and it probably saved our skin. Immediately when the firewall was activated, the threats were stopped. The site was protected, and it saved us from a major headache over the weekend (it happened on a Friday afternoon around 5pm).

24Digital relied on what they knew to be the best, most practical and efficient solution. Sucuri recognizes that often customers don’t know what they don’t know. Therefore, they may need to be made aware of the significance or impact a lack of security can have on their business in order to implement the right course of action.

The problem the client doesn’t know they have is the need for more information. Many times a client can come in with a very narrow view, and the idea of doing prototypes and testing… but there’s a whole scope of pieces that come together that will help them achieve their goals.

The Trust Factor

To be successful, 24Digital builds a tremendous amount of trust. They do not take that trust for granted, rather they work to carefully maintain and nurture the working relationship they have developed with each and every client they have. If 24Digital’s website were compromised, it would send an incorrect message that is contradictory to their brand. They, therefore, are very serious about their website’s security. Not only that, but they are also serious about their customer’s website security.

With Sucuri’s security solutions in place, 24Digital does not have to worry about spending time with in-house website security. Rather, they allow Sucuri to provide the necessary security services for their business and their customer’s businesses. This results in a low maintenance solution. Just as 24Digital’s experience and ability to deep dive into their subject matter allows their clients to focus on what they do best, Sucuri’s experience and know-how provides a low-maintenance, turn-key solution that alleviates customer’s security concerns.

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Sucuri’s research is second to none when it comes to vulnerability exploit attempts. Our research is widely distributed and syndicated across all major media and security outlets.

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Budgets are tight, demand is high. Sucuri has the luxury of size and youth, we bring the right level of enthusiasm, adaptability, and technology to the enterprise website security game.

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