Zero Day Attack Protection & Prevention

The Sucuri Firewall delivers real-time threat protection by leveraging defensive mechanisms to block malicious behavior and protect your website from zero-day vulnerability exploits.

The Sucuri Firewall employs heuristics and pattern analysis to identify and mitigate known vectors and emerging threats in URLs and network traffic. Our dedicated security team and researchers continuously update rulesets to protect customers against vulnerabilities and mitigate unknown threats.

With the majority of zero-days automatically detected and blocked by default, our allowlist model only permits legitimate requests to your application.

Protect your Site from Zero Day Attacks

What is a Zero Day Attack?

Zero-day attacks take place when a software vulnerability is unknown to all parties interested in patching it—including the users, security researchers, and the team or developer responsible for maintaining the project.

Once a zero-day vulnerability is discovered, a window opens and leaves users open to attacks. This window exists until a security patch is developed, the security vendors release a virtual patch to protect against the exploit, or a proof-of-concept for the exploit is released.. These events change a zero-day to a known vulnerability.

How Sucuri Protects Against Zero Day Threats

The Sucuri Firewall uses a multi-tiered approach to zero day threat protection.

Threat Extraction

Requests are profiled and analyzed across the entire network. Malicious requests are stripped in real-time to prevent them from ever reaching your site.

Application Profiling

Profiles are dynamically built for the website technologies used by our customers. Specialized knowledge of open-source CMS applications and their risk factors help us block malicious behavior.

Blocklist Engine

Our custom built blocklist signature blocking model identifies evolving threats as they develop. No third-party services are used. Our team of security engineers and researchers work around the clock to identify and blocklist malicious IPs, requests, and signatures.

Virtual Patching

Emerging threats are virtually patched to respond to and block attacks across all known vectors. This includes known and zero-day vulnerabilities in the website’s plugins, themes, and core files. Custom rules give you control over how patches are applied to your environment.

About the Sucuri Firewall

The Sucuri Firewall is a cloud-based WAF that blocks hack attempts and mitigates zero-day threats to protect your website and traffic.

The firewall does not require any modification or installation to your web server. Instead, your traffic is redirected to the Sucuri network for filtering. A simple DNS change protects from a variety of security issues including DDoS, blocklisting, brute force attacks, SQL injections, and malware.

Our virtual hardening and patching technology defends your website environment. Constant research allows us the ability to prevent vulnerabilities and configure custom rules to meet your needs. Caching optimization, website acceleration, and Anycast CDN Firewall features mean you’ll also enjoy improved speeds and performance for your website.


Hackers discover new vulnerabilities every day. When a security flaw becomes known to bad actors, vulnerable websites can become compromised within a very short time frame. This is even more true for zero-day attacks. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) prevents attacks before they ever reach your website.


Built on a global network of secure data centers, our content delivery network makes websites run significantly faster. Our globally distributed Anycast CDN delivers your content via our proxy servers to save you bandwidth and improving your website’s performance.

Quick Setup

Simply change your DNS A record to point to our Firewall’s IP addresses from your hosting provider. You can easily enable and manage key features from our intuitive dashboard. Direct access to our support team will ensure that you’re setup and configured within minutes.

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Why Choose Sucuri?

Thought Leaders in Website Security

WordPress is a fairly secure CMS. Whenever a new vulnerability is discovered, WordPress provides patches and updates. Nevertheless, the use of third-party plugins and themes increases your chances of becoming vulnerable by providing additional routes of attack.

Sucuri is the leading website security company for WordPress. The free Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening plugin is a security suite which aims at complementing your WordPress website’s security posture.

The Sucuri free WordPress security plugin offers:

  • Security Activity Auditing
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Remote Malware Scanning
  • Website Blocklist Monitoring
  • Effective Security Hardening
  • Post-Hack Security Actions
  • Security Notifications
  • Website Firewall (Premium version)

Sucuri has a dedicated research team to provide you the best WordPress security plugin.

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