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  • Conditional Malware Detection
  • Continuous Monitoring

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Know When Your Site Has Security Issues

Our monitoring system tells you when your website is hacked

Research Driven

Our intelligent signatures based on code anomalies and heuristic detection allow us to match more malware and generate fewer false alarms.

Malware & Blacklists

We monitor for signs of website hacks and warnings from blacklist authorities so you can react quickly and get help from our analysts.

Monitoring Types

We detect downtime and changes to your DNS settings, core file integrity, and SSL certificates. We alert you if we detect anything suspicious.

Strong & Lightweight

Our scanning engine is fast and lightweight for any environment. We update constantly to address the continuous spread of malicious content.

Alerts & Reports

The alerting mechanism notifies you via email, SMS, Slack, RSS, or custom post options. We also offer weekly or monthly email reports.

All Inclusive

Our plans include robust monitoring, unlimited malware removal requests, and ongoing protection for any website platform or CMS.

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The Sucuri Platform

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What to Expect When Enabling Monitoring

How to enable monitoring with the Sucuri Platform.

1. Add Your Site to Remote Scanner

After signing up, you just type your website URL to get started. If needed, you can request a malware cleanup right away. The remote scanner is enabled instantly, and will begin analyzing your site from all angles. The remote scanner captures blacklist warnings and malware visible in the source code, including conditional malware that only presents itself to certain kinds of visitors.

2. Activate Server Side PHP Scanner

Next, enable the server side scanner with FTP/SFTP credentials from your Sucuri dashboard. This deep scanning engine has full access to scan PHP files on your server. Some malware hides itself from visitors, but it can’t hide from our server side scanner. We see this things like backdoors, phishing pages, email and DDoS scripts. Our analysts are happy to set it up for you too with a simple support request.

3. Adjust Monitoring Types

By default, we offer malware and blacklist monitoring so you are alerted if we detect suspicious files or security warnings on your website. We also check your DNS records for changes. Uptime monitoring allows you to receive alerts if your website goes down for any reason. You can adjust the frequency of these scans from your Sucuri dashboard settings to suit your needs.

4. Set Up Alerts and Email Reports

Our global alerts settings in your Sucuri profile allow you to set up alerting via email, SMS, Slack, RSS. You can also set up generic post requests to your own custom webhooks in JSON, CSV, HTML, or plain text formats. Our email reports recap data found by our monitoring engines. These can be sent to you in plain text or HTML, and you have the option to set up weekly or monthly emails.

Sucuri Dashboard Overview

Malware and Security Issues We Detect

  • Known Website Hacks
  • Security Issues and Anomalies
  • Blacklist Warnings
  • Downtime
  • SSL Certificate Changes
  • DNS Record Changes
  • Core File Integrity
  • Blackhat SEO Spam Injections
  • Malicious Redirects
  • Dirty Search Engine Results
  • Hidden & Malicious iFrames
  • Mobile Malware Infections
  • Phishing Lures
  • Hijacked Websites
  • Obfuscated JavaScript Injections
  • Redirects Targeting Mobile Devices
  • Drive-by-Download Injections
  • Email Spam Abuse
  • Pharma Hacks
  • Desktop AntiVirus Blacklisting (i.e., AVG, Norton, McAfee)
  • Infected Database / SQL Injections
  • Website Defacements
  • Embedded Trojans
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Infections
  • Search Engine Blacklisting (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc)

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Sucuri SiteCheck

Scan Your Site For Security Issues

Detect hacks and malware visible in your website source code with our free website security scanner, SiteCheck.

Your Website Security Team

With Sucuri, you get a highly technical team of security professionals distributed around the world, each trained in identifying and fixing any issues you might be faced with. Consider us an extension of your existing team.

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Syed Balkhi

WPBeginner CEO, Syed Balkhi

We would get a lot of feed attacks, which is aggressive DDoS-style attacks where bots would hit our feed and scrape it. We would try to block the caches, but there were times we would get 10s of 1000s of people with requests coming from just one IP address trying to get feed access, trying to bust the cache. Anytime they were able to bust the cache, they could DDoS the site.
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Jolene Jang

The Conference Reporter, Jolene Jang

I learned important lessons in detection and response as well as the practical benefits that Sucuri provides.
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Suraj Sodha

WP Maintain, Suraj Sodha

Our client not only needed an intrusion detection system to monitor and scan for malware and security issues, but Sucuri’s backup services as well. This ensures their website is protected in the event of a catastrophic failure.
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Amanda Wright

Amanda Wright, Little Bird

Working with the Sucuri customer support team we got Server Side Scanning and the Firewall activated. The Sucuri support was very helpful in pinpointing the problem with the host server; all traffic on the site was logged as coming from an IP on the host’s internal network.
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Sarrià Quiropràctica

Stefan Becker, Sarrià Quiropràctica

For the price of what I paid other "Hack Experts" to try to fix the hack over weeks, Sucuri included hack removal in 12 hours, PLUS continuous hack scanning, blacklisting monitoring, customer support to answer all my questions, SSL certificate, and then a firewall on top of that!
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