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Cost-effective DDoS mitigation and Website Hack Prevention.

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We will protect your website from all website attacks including software vulnerability exploitation attempts, brute force attacks and distributed denial of service service (DDoS) disruptions. Our security professionals will provide continuous prevention and response against any and all website attacks 24/7/365. We will provide you peace of mind, knowing that the latest and emerging threats are all being virtually patched and hardened on your behalf.

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  • Website Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Performance Optimization (CDN)
  • Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection (L7)
  • Advanced DDoS Mitigation (3,4,7)
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  • High Availability / Load Balancing
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We support and protect all websites built on any platform, including these

Wordpress Joomla Drupal Magento Microsoft Dot Net OSCommerce vBulletin PhpBB

Plan for Agency / Developers

Consider Our Agency / Developers Solution

Complementary security solution, designed to streamline the deployment and sustainment of your customer projects.

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Prevent Malware Distribution
Monitor Blacklisting Incidents
Actively Detect & Prevent Intrusions
Block Attacks
Stop DDoS Attacks
Identify SEO Spam
Block Phishing Lure Pages
Identify WHOIS Changes
Identify DNS Changes
Monitor Changes to SSL Certificates
Real Time and Zero Day Patching
Increased Website Performance
Remediation Ad Hoc

Custom Configurations for Enterprises

The Sucuri Enterprise platform provides organizations the flexibility they require to meet and stay ahead of the latest website threats. This technology includes Virtual Hardening / Patching, Network-Based Integrity Monitoring Systems (NBIMS), Advanced Layer 7 Intrusion Detection / Prevention System (ID/PS), Globally Distributed Anycast Network, and a proprietary Website Application Firewall.

  • Advanced Intrusion Detection System / Prevention System
  • Cloud-Based Advanced Website Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Customized Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Professional Deployment / Integration into existing Security controls
  • “When Sucuri came out, you guys had this web application firewall and malware scanning all included in one package and it wasn’t residing on the server level. It wasn’t a major impact in terms of CPU. Because website performance is a major concern, we thought: ‘You guys have a brilliant package here!”

    Steven Wu, R & W Media
  • “They are an active part of our team and work alongside us to help protect our website. Being behind the Sucuri WAF, we see hundreds of attacks prevented every single day. We know that the only way to be 100% secure on the web is to shut down your servers and turn off your computer, but since working with Sucuri we know that if anything does happen, we’re in the best possible hands.”

    Cory Miller, IThemes

Website Firewall Features

Websites Included 1 1 1
Web Application Firewall
Intrusion Detection System
Intrusion Prevention System
Managed Audit Logs / Security
Layer 7 DDOS Protection
HTTP Flood Protection
Brute Force Protection
Virtual Patching and Hardening
SQL, XSS and code injection prevention
One-click 2FA, Captcha and Password Protection on any page
External CDN Support
SSL Certificate Support
SPDY Support
HTTPS DDOS Protection
Advanced DDOS Protection (Layer 3 and 4)
High Availability / Redundancy
Load Balancing
Service Level Agreements Ticket System 8x7 Ticket System 12x7 Ticket System 24x7
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