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Here at Sucuri we offer website owners a wide array of website security solutions. Every product is offered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and configured as a recurring subscription.

Sucuri was built with one thing in mind, to offer website owners of all industries an affordable solution to address their security needs. It was also built with an effective approach to account for the three main elements of security - Protection, Detection and Response.

We know that it is often confusing to try and navigate our various products so we have been working hard to improve this disconnect by creating this informational page.

Sucuri offers one flagship product, it's known as a Website AntiVirus solution. Within this product, you'll also find something known as a Website Firewall, and if you're an existing client, you'll find an option for Website Backups. It is important to understand that each solution was built based on the specific challenges that plague website owners just like you.

Website AntiVirus

By all accounts, the Website AntiVirus product is our oldest platform. It's foundation stems back to the early days, back in 2008, when our founder was propelled by the idea of finding a way to monitor the integrity of a website. He was fascinated by the idea of understanding how web malware was being distributed and whether there was a way to detect this remotely, without access to the web server. This became known as our malware scanner/malware detection engine.

Being able to identify that a website was compromised was the first piece of the puzzle and that quickly led to the next challenge - what happens when a website owner knows they are infected?

This question led to the creation of our malware removal system. It was built with the specific goal of being an engine to help website owners who knew they were infected, clear the infection.

Being able to account for detection and removal proved to be worthwhile for website owners. Nonetheless, it also left a lot to be desired when it came to understanding how infections were occurring in the first place. What we quickly learned is that website owners, while grateful that we were able to detect and clean, were unable to differentiate between detection/cleanup and protection. In 2015, we decided to close that divide by integrating our standalone protection solution (Firewall) into the fold, offering website owners a complete website security solution.

Website Firewall

Similar to the malware detection and removal solution, the Website Firewall (a.k.a CloudProxy) was built to fix a very serious problem; websites that continued to get hacked repeatedly, even the ones we were cleaning.

It was not an issue of our detection/removal solution not doing its job, but more that our end-users were unable to keep up with the barrage of attacks being thrown at their websites. These intrusions included things like Brute Force attacks, Denial of Service Attacks, and attempted exploitation of software vulnerabilities.

The firewall solution was purpose built as a way to offer website owners what they had been looking for - a simple, cost effective, enterprise-grade solution, that would keep their websites safe.

Today, the firewall solution is included as part of our Website AntiVirus product, but also available as a stand-alone solution offered to any website owner.

Website Backups

Our Website Backups solution was built after realizing the sheer number of website owners that were not aware of backups or were unfamiliar with where to get them.

The backup solution is not sold externally, instead it's made available internally to all existing clients via their dashboard.

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