Web Professional Security Survey 2020

How agencies approach website security and protect their clients’ websites

For professionals who help clients establish a presence online, the subject of website security often flies under the radar. It’s a specific niche and one that many web professionals often avoid.

To cast light on the subject, this year we look at insights from more than 200 web professionals — including web designers, developers, freelancers, and marketing agencies. Their answers produced statistics related to:

  • Choosing service providers
  • Approaches to website security
  • Service offerings and tools
  • Planning for hacks and attacks

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The term “web professional” loosely refers to individuals and organizations that provide services online, including:

  • Website developers and designers
  • Marketing agencies and SEO
  • Brand reputation agencies
  • Web hosting providers
  • Freelancers
  • Managed service providers (MSPs)

A closer look at the web professionals

Individuals responding to our survey held decision-making roles, either as a solo entrepreneur or with a business or nonprofit. Nearly 34% of respondents indicated they owned or held a partnership in a small business. More than 38% said they developed websites for clients, either as a freelancer or the owner of an agency.

Individuals responding to the survey held decision-making roles in their work.

The scope of their work varied. More than half of our respondents (51.4%) worked on a smaller scale, indicating they handled fewer than eight websites in the past year. About 28% of respondents were midsize operations, with between eight and 50 sites last year. Larger operations, with 51 to 100+ websites, accounted for just over 10% of responses.

More than half of our respondents signaled they were a smaller operation.