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If you want to find an alternative to OneHourSiteFix for the best website security possible, we encourage you to research your options and read online reviews. It is important to make an informed decision about who to trust with your website, brand reputation, and business.

We reviewed our sales calls and chat transcripts to see what users said when considering alternatives to OneHourSiteFix. We also read what OneHourSiteFix customers were saying online, contacted their support team, and researched their website.


OneHourSiteFix is a trading name of SharkGate Limited. OneHourSiteFix removes malware from websites and offers website protection with their SharkGate website firewall and plugin. They offer annual or quarterly payment plans.


Sucuri is a cloud-based website security provider that specializes in website malware research. With Sucuri, businesses and web professionals can protect their websites, improve performance, monitor for indicators of compromise, and receive unlimited support for security incidents.

OneHourSiteFix vs Sucuri Comparison

Sucuri is an alternative to OneHourSiteFix with the best cost-benefit in the market.

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30-Day Guarantee

Sucuri OneHourSiteFix
Pricing Starts at $199.99/year Starts at $179.40/year
Malware Removal Yes Yes
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Protection Yes Yes
SSL Certificate (on WAF) Yes Yes
Server-Side Detection Yes
DDoS Attack Mitigation Yes
Email Alerts Yes
Monitoring Reports Yes
Zero-Day Exploits Prevention Yes

Feature Comparison

The main difference between OneHourSiteFix and Sucuri is that Sucuri has been cleaning and protecting websites for nearly 10 years, whereas OneHourSiteFix is a five-year-old company. Cost is also a differentiating factor, as well as pricing transparency.

Unlimited Malware Removal Requests

Sucuri offers unlimited malware removal in all Website Security Platform plans. Even if your website is reinfected, you will be able to open a malware removal ticket and Sucuri’s security analysts will clean your website. This includes automated cleanup, manual inspection, and a complete report of the quarantined files. OneHourSiteFix also offers website malware removal services, available as an annual subscription or a one-time cleanup. OneHourSiteFix claims to include three analysts performing manual inspection of all website files and database entries within an hour time frame, which is unrealistic.

DDoS Attack Mitigation

Sucuri offers DDoS mitigation in all Web Application Firewall (WAF) plans. No matter the attack size, type, or duration, Sucuri servers can handle a massive amount of malicious traffic. Sucuri also specializes in Layer 7 DDoS mitigation and does not charge extra for this feature. OneHourSiteFix offers DDoS prevention with the Sharkgate CDN.

Predictable Pricing and Volume Discounts

No matter how complex or difficult the malware removal process is, our security analysts will clean your website. Sucuri has a predictable pricing system based on the level of response required. The cost also includes one year of ongoing monitoring and protection to keep your website safe. For web professionals, Sucuri offers volume discounts and flexibility to protect your client projects. OneHourSiteFix shows monthly pricing on their plans, but there is no option to pay monthly. The price changes depending on quarter or annual payments. They also offer a plan for agencies but there is no information on whether a volume discount is available.

Zero-Day Exploit Prevention

Sucuri researchers work night and day to stay on top of new website threats. In 2018, the Sucuri Firewall successfully protected websites from 99% of zero-day vulnerabilities (a security flaw not yet known to software developers, meaning that security patches aren’t available). OneHourSiteFix offers malware monitoring, but it does not offer zero-day exploit prevention.

Website Protection & Performance Boost

The Sucuri Firewall is included in all plans. We are serious about performance so we use several techniques to make your site faster. Sucuri offers website protection and increased performance with Sucuri’s global Anycast content delivery network. The Sucuri CDN caches your website content automatically, increasing the website speed by over 70%. OneHourSiteFix offers the Sharkgate cloud-based firewall and CDN which can boost performance by as much as 40%.

Why Choose Sucuri?

What makes Sucuri the best WAF for small businesses and developers?

Thought Leaders in Website Security

Sucuri Labs offers unique insights that together with our Sucuri Blog help millions of website owners protect their property. This has earned us press and media mentions from top news outlets, industry blogs, and cybersecurity journalists.

A Safe Internet is Our Mission

We offer SiteCheck Scanner for free and create DIY guides to help prevent or fix website hacks. Our customers recommend Sucuri in over 70 customer studies and over 200 reviews on Gartner that earned us a Customer’s Choice distinction.

Our solutions address today’s security incidents and tomorrow’s threats.

Trusted by Tens of Thousands of Website Owners

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School the World

School the World, Lynn Song

Before we contacted Sucuri, we tried using another independent IT consultant. But he took a long time and we were not sure that security was his core expertise. Our website was down for 4 or 5 days, which is unthinkable. I told our CEO, ‘Why waste time? Let’s go with someone who knows this space and can to get this delivered!’ After receiving word of mouth recommendation from my web designer/developer friend, I contacted Sucuri. I spoke with a sales rep, gave the necessary information and within a matter of hours our site was back up. You guys REALLY delivered. We were pretty panic-stricken. To have someone respond so quickly when you’re panicked was wonderful!
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Anita Campbell

Small Biz Trends, Anita Campbell

I found out about Sucuri through an Internet forum. Someone was talking about the services and recommended them. I went to the website, checked it out and thought, ‘Oh, this is a very reasonably priced service. And, if it can give me peace of mind, it’s a no-brainer!
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Blanca Robledo-Atwood

Wild Consort, Blanca Robledo-Atwood

I know about design. I’m the creative person. I customize websites, I talk to my clients, but I’m not an expert in security. I leave security for the experts.
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Foliekniven, Rune

We have heard a lot of stories, and there are a lot of traps when we make our own web code. We were looking for a viable solution. Sucuri has a good reputation and was recommended, so I felt quite safe.
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