Malware Monitoring, Removal and Prevention

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Making the web a safer place.

If you know you have a malware issue or are getting reports of a potential issue, waste no time, navigate to our Plans and Pricing page so that we can get you help immediately.

We signed up due to Malware issues on a website, Sucuri replied within minutes of opening the account and removed all malware that we had within an hour. couldn’t ask for more and saved us an unknown amount of hours if we didn’t have the help of Sucuri. Thank you! – Richard Bilton

Our service is built around our commitment to making the web a safer place. We take pride in every website we work on and work diligently to update our definitions and algorithms to stay ahead of hackers, eradicating web-based malware.

We are committed to servicing your site and providing cost-effective services to all website owners. We’re not perfect, but we strive to be.

Core Services

Our offerings can be used in conjunction with any hosting provider and are CMS agnostic. We can clean and protect your website regardless of platform and technology (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, vBulletin, OSCommerce and many others).

Sucuri, you are a breath of fresh air at a time when tech-oriented companies don’t seem to do what they say they will do. It troubles me a bit that I am SO pleased: I put in a ticket, the malware was removed, the site submitted for removal from blacklist. You did exactly what you said you’d do, and quickly, too. You always do. And that should be normal. But it is not. Well, unless you’re Sucuri, that is. – Keleigh

Malware Monitoring

We monitor malware, blacklisting, DNS, WHOIS, SSL Certification, and site changes. Learn more about monitoring.

Malware Monitoring

Malware Removal

When you are alerted to an issue, you can submit a removal ticket. This ticket will alert our team to work with you to remove infections from your site and the process will continue until all malicious code is removed. Learn more about our removal process.

Malware Removal

Malware Prevention

Malware detection and removal are but on piece of the puzzle. Once your site is clear, you want to make sure the malware is never injected again. You also want to address other non-malware related issues, this is where our Malware Prevention service comes into play – Sucuri Website Firewall.

Our CloudProxy Web Application Firewall (WAF) is designed to function as a protective layer sitting between your website and the internet. It filters visitors, patches outdated software, protects your site from DDoS attacks, and improves your website performance. Read more about CloudProxy.

Malware Prevention