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Más de 400.000 propietarios de sitios web confían la seguridad de sus sitios web a Sucuri. No porque tenemos alianzas con cada host y creamos cuentas automáticos dentro de nuestro sistema, sino porque ofrecemos soluciones reales a problemas reales. Para nosotros, la seguridad del sitio web no es un medio para un fin; es nuestra vida, es lo que hacemos y la seguridad de su sitio web es nuestra responsabilidad. Por eso hemos construido un equipo y un sistema en lo cual usted puede confiar. Deje que nuestro equipo se convierta en una parte de su equipo, seremos su socio de seguridad de confianza.

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The Conference Reporter

The Conference Reporter


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The Conference Reporter

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Jolene Jang has sat on Oprah’s couch. This means something. How did Oprah come to know and subsequently request her presence on the Oprah show? Well, Jolene is no stranger to the fight for security. In fact, ABC News quotes Jang on their website from a time she actively spoke out against a loophole law in the U.S. justice system, which compromised the security of individuals in public places. That case would later make its way to the Washington State Supreme Court. Since that time, Jolene has founded business ventures, The Conference Reporter and The Meeting Maximizer. The aforementioned work focuses on connecting a general audience with specialized information. The latter effort assists businesses by honing their information sharing process and meeting agendas through the use of attention grabbing and engaging methods.

Jolene owns several websites, within her brand, that are utilized to organize and publicize her business. She has managed websites for more than 15 years as her web presence is key to her success. As an entrepreneur, much of her public facing content is delivered through her website, YouTube channel, and other online mediums. Despite having been hacked previously, Jolene noted special difficulty resulting from one specific hack that subsequently motivated her to research and use Sucuri’s services. Jolene has shared her experience with Sucuri, and her quest to maintain the security of her brand. She learned important lessons in detection and response as well as the practical benefits that Sucuri provides.

A Matter of Time

Maintaining security was not always the number one priority. Her outgoing and active personality called for her strengths to be exercised in other areas. As explained on her site, Jolene’s desire to begin conference reporting stemmed from recognizing golden nuggets of wisdom in often unpublicized and quiet two or three person conversations which initiated on the outskirts of a main conference room. The goal she sought to accomplish was to bring this rich information into the forefront and spread the wealth of knowledge. As she pursued her online endeavors Jolene admits she had been hacked, multiple times.

I don't know, I've had a website probably for 15 years or something like that and certainly I've had my websites hacked into.

Prior to Sucuri, Jolene experienced delays in detecting hacks or malware. Such delays can be a costly mistake. Lack of attention to her security detail ultimately proved tumultuous, yet one particular occasion caused Jolene to seek additional help.

...after this one time, it was kind of a nightmare. I don't know how long it took. It took too long and forever. So, that's when I did some research and found Sucuri. Now, my website did get some malware when I got Sucuri… the difference was Sucuri, is very knowledgeable, and they have people around the world that are working in their time zones. So, if I discover [a hack] at 3 o'clock in the morning, Sucuri is working on it somewhere else, and they are going to get it done. So, when I'm sleeping I'm getting fixed, and my websites are getting fixed… It's pretty great having that peace of mind knowing that Sucuri knows what they're doing and that they can address it… whatever time zone it is someone is on it.

Equal Opportunity

The responsiveness that Sucuri offers allows business to continue running as usual. Security and speed save time and worry as Sucuri manages the nuances and intricate details of various hacks, malware and other site compromises. There is additional information gained from Jolene’s online experience. In the years she has operated a website, Jolene has seen a widespread effect of hack attempts without regard for demographic, purpose, industry or other segmenting factors. establishes an approximate hack rate of 30,000 sites per day. Jolene suggests:

Have you had your website hacked? If you haven’t, don't worry - you will. You won't be left out - equal opportunity… if you haven't been hacked it will happen. So, you may want to get some prevention, and if it does happen, get Sucuri on your side to make it go away quickly.

Quickly detecting and appropriately responding to any hack is a pivotal factor for any online business. Time, stress, profit, and branding image are a few of the vital functions Sucuri can help protect through early detection and rapid response to the malicious attempts and actions of hackers.

The Conference Reporter

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