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The Challenge

A healthy posture is literally the backbone to a healthy body. Stefan Becker, founder of Sarrià Quiropràctica, has been delivering gentle and comforting chiropractic techniques to help improve the function of the spine for over 23 years . Having studied and practiced in Brisbane, Australia and England, by December 2015 Stefan took his skills to Barcelona opening a clinic that offered chiropractic solutions to the general public. From tiny babies, the elderly, pregnant women, and athletes, Stefan’s clientele has been growing well with most people finding the details of this “gentle care” niche service online at his website sarriaquiropractica.com which runs on Wordpress and is hosted by GoDaddy.

Recently, when Stefan’s site underwent a pharma hack, hundreds to thousands of new pages in Japanese showed up in the Google search results redirecting visitors to various Japanese camera sales locations. Google began placing notices directly on his site such as, "This site may be hacked" and "This site is not mobile friendly".

I had just started a new business in Barcelona and was totally reliant on my website for new clients because the local people did not know me yet. It was a very stressful time. It scared possible clients away.

The Solution

Stefan had been paying a whitehat SEO specialist to help, however the hack affected the SEO badly. He then tried three different web security companies and a freelance hack expert to fix the problem, but the pharma hacks returned. Ironically, it was the freelancer he encountered who recommended Sucuri. At the time, Stefan had been unaware that Sucuri not only fixed hacks but prevented them from reoccurring. This was the very component he needed most.

Immediately he started a ticket with the Incidence Response Team (IRT) at Sucuri, and willing to do whatever it would take to rectify the recurring issues. For Stefan’s site, the basic WAF package (Website AntiVirus/Firewall) was plenty.

For the price of what I paid other "Hack Experts" to try to fix the hack over weeks, Sucuri included hack removal in 12 hours, PLUS continuous hack scanning, blacklisting monitoring, customer support to answer all my questions, SSL certificate, and then a firewall on top of that!

Sucuri’s Incident Response Team (IRT) quickly fixed the hack, and as Stefan attests to, his contact went out of their way to help implement the SSL cert, speed up the crawl rate of Google to clear the bad listings, as well as submitted a reconsideration request to Google on his behalf to encourage Google to respond faster in the future.

So far as fixing the hack all I had to do was send in a "clean my hacked website" request and within a few hours it was done. That easy.

The Result

Momentarily in Google searches, spam results leading to 404 errors were still present for Stefan’s site after it was cleaned. But having a notice that content no longer existed or had been deleted was much better for his business than the previous listings. Because pharma hacks have many ways into a site via backdoors, Stefan was thankful the freelancer hack expert could recommend him going straight to Sucuri. Too often website owners fix one point of entry but forget about the rest (as in this case), and most likely become reinfected allowing the spam to continue to be indexed.

I had a million questions and not only did they explain everything carefully and patiently and i in a friendly manner, they did extra things I didn't even ask for. They were quick, efficient, and obviously experts.

In particular, Stefan recalls the customer experience with his primary IRT contact, Cesar.

When I asked Cesar about how to explain one thing, he gave me a link to a whole article he'd personally written about my sort of hack. You know when someone has written a whole article about your type of hack that they have experienced in this exact problem and it gives you confidence.


Líderes de Pensamiento en Seguridad de Sitios Web

Sucuri ha estado envuelta específicamente en el espacio de la seguridad de sitios web por más de 6 años, analizando lo que los atacantes hacen y cómo lo hacen. Este conocimiento está en el núcleo de cómo construimos nuestra tecnología.

Despligue Simple

No hay instalación necesaria, nuestra tecnología es rápidamente activada desde el panel de Sucuri y a nivel de DNS. Los cambios pueden ser hechos a través de los registros A, o una gestión completa de los DNS.

Investigación Activa de Vulnerabilidades

La investigación de Sucuri es insuperable cuando hablamos de intentos de explotación de vulnerabilidades. Nuestra investigación es ampliamente distribuida en los mayores medios de comunicación y publicaciones de seguridad.

Asequible a la Empresa

Los presupuestos son cortos y la demanda es mucha. Sucuri tiene la ventaja de tamaño y juventud, traemos el mejor nivel de entusiasmo, adaptabilidad, y la tecnología necesaria al juego de la seguridad de sitios web para empresas.

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