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WordPress Security Plugin

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The WordPress platform is one of the fastest, most recognizable Content Management Systems (CMS) available to website owners. It dominates over 24% market share, and has been deployed in large and small organizations alike. With its popularity have come many struggles for website owners; one such struggle is with Security.

While WordPress Security is a multi-tenant problem, Sucuri has developed a great WordPress security plugin designed to complement your existing security controls. It's designed to be lightweight, easy to use while highly effective, addressing some of the biggest challenges website owners face like: auditing, integrity monitoring and basic hardening.

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Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) used around the world by bloggers and businesses alike. Security of the CMS continues to be a difficult issue and one that must be taken very seriously.

Sucuri has developed a WordPress Security plugin that can be employed by every website owner. When used in conjunction with the Sucuri products (i.e., Website AntiVirus and Website Firewall) website owners do not need to use any other security plugins.

The Sucuri free security plugin for WordPress will provide website owners the following security services:

  1. Security Activity Auditing
  2. File Integrity Monitoring
  3. Remote Malware Scanning
  4. Blacklist Monitoring
  5. Effective Security Hardening
  6. Post-Hack Security Actions
  7. Security Notifications
  8. Website Firewall (add on)

We encourage all WordPress website owners, whether our customers or not, to install and leverage this plugin to improve their overall security posture.

Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin

This plugin was designed with simplicity in mind, but applicability as the driving factor. In short, we removed the noise that you find in a variety of other security plugins and focused on those things that are most effective to you as a website owner. The beauty of this approach is it reduces the noise to you as a website owner and give you a plugin that is effective and makes sense.

Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin Installation

Installing the Sucuri WordPress Security plugin is simple, here are the install instructions:

Step 1: WordPress Administration Panel

Log into your WordPress Administrator panel (i.e., yourdomain.com/wp-admin). Click on the Plugins menu option, and select Add New.

Sucuri WordPress Security Installation I

Step 2: WordPress.org Sucuri Search

Type Sucuri into the search input box. You are looking for the plugin that reads: Sucuri Security - Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening. Click Install Now.

Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin Installation II

Step 3: Complete Activation

The next page, if successful, will ask you if you want to proceed. Click the Activate plugin option.

Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin Installation III

Generate New API Key

Once installed a blue banner will appear asking you to generate a new API key. It will show the email that will be registered. Click the blue button and the API key will be automatically generated for you and the plugin will complete the installation.

Sucuri WordPress Security Installation IV

Confirm Registration

Upon completion you will be greeted with a small pop up that confirms the registration. Click Go To Your Dashboard and you will be set to go.

Sucuri WordPress Security Installation V

Enjoy Improved Security

Sit back and enjoy the plugin as it gets to work. Auditing all activity on your website and identifying integrity issues!! If at any point you have any issues, not to worry, we're here to help and you can engage us via the WordPress Support Forums

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