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  • How does the Website Security Platform protect my website?

    All Website Security plans include our firewall which protects your site from vulnerabilities and attacks. The firewall is included in the plan but needs to be enabled by changing the DNS A records to point to our firewall IP. You can read more about the firewall and setup in our Knowledge Base articles.

  • What is the Website Firewall?

    The Website Firewall is an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (ID/PS) designed specifically for websites. It sits as an intermediary filter between your website visitor and the web server housing the website. It scans all incoming requests and filters all malicious activity to ensure that attackers do not try to abuse your website or its resources.

  • How does website protection work?

    Protection is provided via a custom Website Firewall solution that functions as a perimeter defense for your website. It directs all incoming traffic to your website through our network, allowing us to filter out all malicious traffic.

  • Do I have to install anything to activate website protection?

    No, the process is seamless and our team is ready to assist. To enable you’ll be asked to make a slight DNS A record change; more advanced users can also opt to do a name server change and allow us to manage the website’s DNS as well.

  • Can I expect any website down time?

    Downtime is not expected if set up properly. We recommend that you have our firewall team make the changes for you by opening a ticket to mitigate risk.

  • Will the Sucuri Security Platform stop hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities?

    Yes, our web application firewall utilizes signatures that help patch known vulnerabilities in plugins, themes, and other extensible components. In the event that you aren’t able to patch your website’s software in time, the Sucuri firewall can help to virtually patch the vulnerability.

  • How long does malware cleanup take?

    In many cases, our scripts clean the site immediately upon receiving valid FTP credentials. However, if an escalation to a senior analyst is required, we cannot promise a resolution timeframe, but 90% of Basic plans tickets are resolved with 24 hours, Pro within 12 hours, and Business within 6.

    We also offer one-time priority escalations – chat with us to learn more.