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Any web site can be protected from attacks, DDOS, brute force, injections and malware in less than 5 minutes with our Website Firewall (CloudProxy). You won’t need to install anything and all you will need is a quick DNS change (to point your A record to our Firewall IP address).

So instead of reaching your site directly, any visitor request will be scrubbed and filtered by our firewall before they are allowed to continue. Your users won’t notice any difference and there will be no downtime.

Plus: Improved Speed and better SEO.

A common question we get is wether CloudProxy will slow down the site or affect their SEO. And the answer is no. CloudProxy will actually improve the speed of your site because of our high performance caching servers which does HELP with your SEO. It will be faster.

If you are worried about setting it up or you think it might be too hard, our support team can also do it for you. So you can skip all these steps and let us handle it.

3 Steps to Get your Site Protected

1- Sign up for our Website Firewall here: Create CloudProxy account.
2- Add your website to be protected on your dashboard:
3- Change your A record on your DNS control panel following the instructions provided:

And that’s it. You are all set and your sites will be protected.

Note: If you find this complicated or if you are not very technical, our team can get you up and running for you. You won’t need to do anything, just open a support ticket and our team will get you setup.

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