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The panic of blacklisting is real, and your visitors feel it too. Google, or a similar authority, is blocking access to your website and labeling it as dangerous.

Waste no time in getting it fixed. Sucuri will clear all malicious code from your website and take the necessary steps to remove your website from the blacklist as quickly as possible.


Get Your Website Off Blacklists

Blacklisting can be devastating to a website - from splash pages blocking visitors, to warning notes next to search results. Sucuri can get you off the blacklist quickly. Being one of the first and most effective security scanners on the market has given us the advantage of establishing great relationships with the blacklisting authorities. Our passion for website security and our vast experience have given us expertise in blacklist removal. Trust Sucuri to get your website removed from the radar of all website malware authorities.

  • Search Engine Blacklisting Desktop AntiVirus Blacklisting Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Warnings
  • Google Blacklist 'The site ahead contains malware' in Chrome 'Reported Attack Page!' in Firefox
  • Google Diagnostic Safe Browsing Reports Bing Blacklist McAfee SiteAdvisor
  • 'This site may be hacked' in search results 'This site may be compromised' in search results 'This site may harm your computer' in search results
  • Norton Safe Browsing Phish Tank AVG
  • SpamHaus Domain Block List (DBL) s Bitdefender Avast
  • Yandex (via Sophos) ESET 100+ more...

Understanding The Blacklisting Process

Google alone blacklists 10,000 websites every day. With over 100 blacklisting authorities, that means a lot of websites are being blocked for serving malicious content. When a website is blacklisted, it loses nearly 95% of organic traffic, causing serious risks to your business and its brand.

Maintaining your website integrity and reputation is a big responsibility. Blacklisting authorities feel the same way about protecting their users. They will quickly flag your website if they have evidence that it could be harmful. Most often a malicious payload is hidden on your website that could possibly infect visitors, including executable files, trojan horses, phishing schemes, Pharma hacks, and information scrapers. Most of the time, the website owner is not aware that they've been hacked until it is too late.

The Blacklisting Business

Search engines have built a business on providing valuable results to their users. It is in their best interest to avoid listing web spam or malicious content without sufficient warnings. Similarly, desktop antivirus programs have a responsibility to keep its users computer protected from viruses, and a common way to do this is to block access to websites that are known to distribute drive-by-downloads and malicious payloads.

Blacklist Causes and Effects

Blocking pages and alerts will usually include a link to more information about what was found, such as samples, categorizations, or statistics related to the malicious content detected on the affected website. Once the website has been flagged, the authority pushes blacklisting results to its network. This means if anyone is using their specific product, the visitor will see a warning when accessing the website.

Compound Blacklisting

These authorities also leverage partner networks. Whenever a website is blacklisted, the result propagates through the entire network, prompting other authorities to investigate and block the malicious website. That is why it's important to engage with the original blacklisting authority before others take notice. Whether you're already blacklisted or are looking to prevent your site from being blacklisted, we can help you regardless of your CMS or hosting provider.

Website Antivirus Features and Benefits

  • 24/7/365 support from our global team of technicians Daily server-side and remote website scans
  • Unlimited cleanups in case of reinfection Expertise from restoring over 1 million businesses
  • No limit on size and scope of website malware cleanup Predictable pricing; pricing based on number of sites
  • Full report of cleaned files and a quarantined backup Fast response and turnaround time

See What Happens When Your Site is Being Attacked

Being blacklisted can be embarrassing and devastating, especially if visitors feel unsafe knowing that your website was hacked. When your business is at stake, you need a solution that can restore your website traffic quickly. With our global team of security professionals, we are able to respond quickly when you need us most. Our dedicated experts work around-the-clock, resulting in response times that are consistently rated faster than our competition, with better results. Also, if you need protection, the Sucuri Website Firewall prevents all kinds of front-end attacks, such as Denial of Service (DoS).

Continuous Blacklist Monitoring and Prevention

We remove your website from the blacklist quickly, but that's not all we do. We continually monitor your website so that if you are ever blacklisted again, you will be the first to know, not a visitor. Your plan includes unlimited cleanup requests, meaning we will always be here to get the job done.

Blacklist Alerts

Through our relationships we keep tabs on various blacklisting authorities that monitor for malware, spam, phishing lures and various other malware and non-malware related security events. This option is on by default for new accounts. Our monitoring makes use of various API endpoints, allowing us to track your brand reputation online. It checks for the warning signs of potential blacklisting. You will be alerted immediately when your site is blacklisted by: Google, Norton, AVG, Phish Tank, McAfee SiteAdvisor, SpamHaus, Bitdefender, Yandex, Opera, or ESET.

Website Hardening

During the cleanup process, we take steps to harden your website and prevent reinfections. This involves a combination of rules inside .htaccess or web.config files that stop attackers from using backdoors or uploading malicious content. Our technicians will also look for vulnerabilities and anomalies that should be brought to your attention, such as outdated software, strange permissions, and user enumeration.

Blacklist Prevention

With our ongoing monitoring and alerting system, we can help make sure that next time, you know about any malicious content before Google does. If that's not good enough, make sure to activate the protection of our Website Firewall which comes included with all Antivirus plans to make blacklisting a thing of the past.

Malware Cleanup Guarantee

We guarantee our work. If your site gets reinfected, we will clean it up again until it is 100% clean. You have to do your part too, by changing passwords as well as other post-cleanup recommendations. When our team manually verifies that your website is clean, we remove it from any blacklists and provide you with all of the steps you need to stay secure.

Once the website is clean, we submit a review with third-party blacklists, and the appropriate blacklist engines to crawl your website. While Sucuri cannot control the pace at which these entities operate, we do have the advantage of our brand, our relationships, and the volume of submissions on a daily basis.

In the process, we take various steps to help harden your website after the cleanup to prevent future attacks. You will get a list of important steps to avoid reinfection, such as changing your passwords. If your website is somehow reinfected, rest assured that we offer unlimited cleanup requests throughout the lifetime of the subscription. Additionally, the Website AntiVirus product provides several monitoring options, alerting you instantly if we detect anything that could compromise the security of your website.

At Sucuri, we believe that investing time, effort, and resources into research and remediation is the only way to build a strong website security company. No muss, no fuss - just 100% security geeks, eager to help you clean your website and make the web safer. Our systems and approach are built from years of experience and revolve around three key elements - People. Process. Technology.

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