Website Malware Removal – WordPress Tips & Tricks

Website Malware Removal – WordPress Tips & Tricks

We often write posts that give you advice and recommendations around how to harden your websites, and have only recently begun to give advice on ways to navigate your backend and remove infections via terminal. But what about all the basics? That’s what I want to cover in this post. All those things that you should know […]

Google Blacklist Warning: Something’s Not Right Here!

Google recently put out a post talking to the past 5 years offering the Safe Browsing program and summarized in a post titled: Google Safe Browsing Program 5 Years Old – Been Blacklisted Lately? This got us thinking about the number of Google warnings end-users see every day, and naturally we couldn’t help but take […]

Sucuri Brand Reputation Badges Updated

For a better part of the last year we have been offering our clients a badge that can be proudly displayed on their websites. The idea has always been to offer a certain level of reassurance, to their clients and readers alike, that the site they are visiting is (1) actively being monitored and (2) […]

How To: Lock Your Site by Enabling a Second Layer of Authentication

I put together a post this weekend about my personal experience installing a WordPress site on a clean Server. In the process of hardening the administration panel I found myself doing something that I don’t see discussed much – enabling Basic Access Authentication. That got me thinking about a putting together this post which will […]

Understanding Conditional Malware – IP Centric Variation

In today’s web malware landscape you can’t help but take a minute to familiarize yourself with a concept known as conditional malware. As implied in the name, it’s malware that only works when specific rules are met. Those rules can range from specific IP ranges to time of day. They are very tricky and as […]

How To: Stop The Hacker By Hardening WordPress

Every day we service 100’s of clients and the question is always asked: How do you stop these hackers!!!” Unfortunately, it’s perhaps the hardest to explain and understand for most. That being said, this post will be one of a series that talks to what end-users can do to help reduce their threat landscape. This […]

3 Easy Steps to Make WordPress Updates Safer

With the release of WordPress 3.4 inching closer (could be minutes), we wanted to put together a quick post to help you towards a successful update. Here are a few areas to help you prepare for an easy update to the latest and greatest version of WordPress: 1. Backup your website Updates in WordPress these […]

Sucuri Gets a Facelift

It’s funny, Andrew Warner of Mixergy was recently conducting an interview and in it he brought up Sucuri. One of the things he said was: Those guys at Sucuri must be doing well, you couldn’t tell from their site though… That made us chuckle as we have been in the process of revamping a number […]

Attending BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2012 – NYC

This year we have decided to make an appearance at BlogWorld NYC. We’re excited, it’ll be the first of this kind that we attend is should proof to help us better understand our consumers: About the event: Bloggers, Podcasters and Web TV content creators: Join us at BlogWorld & New Media Expo to learn and […]

WordPress Pages and Posts Show 404 After Cleanup

Often times when cleaning redirect malware from a website the WordPress Permalinks stop working which in turn shows a 404 error on all your WordPress Pages and Posts. When this happens, the first step to getting your URL’s to properly function and to get rid of the 404 errors is to flush your Permalinks. Here’s […]

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