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Sucuri Gets a Facelift

It’s funny, Andrew Warner of Mixergy was recently conducting an interview and in it he brought up Sucuri. One of the things he said was:

Those guys at Sucuri must be doing well, you couldn’t tell from their site though…

That made us chuckle as we have been in the process of revamping a number of things over the past few months, our web presence being one of them. We did want to respond to Andrew with a resounding “Yes”, things have been good, does the new design help now?

Growing Up Is Not Easy

If you have been part of a start-up, whether with or without partners, especially one that depends solely on its own earnings and holds zero-debt, then you can’t help but resonate with this. You know how hard it is to differentiate and prioritize between features, releases, marketing, operational activities, hires, etc… This is the predicament we found ourselves at our first management summit in January.

The discussion as you might imagine, revolved around when would be the right time to change our virtual storefront, our website. We had the normal back and forth, “It’s fine” “We just did it two years ago” “People know who we are” etc.. but in the end we decided, that YES, it was time.

It was time to show our clients that we listen, and our competitors, new and old, that we are a force to be reckoned with. We may not take ourselves too seriously, but we take web-malware and our customers very seriously.

It was time to patch up our wounds and put in for a face-lift. We came to the realization that delivering our awesome service was only half the battle, it was about telling our story and focusing on the user experience.

We were getting all the normal questions:

  • Are you a bot?
  • What’s the service comprise of?
  • How and why should we trust you?

Simple questions that could easily avoided with a change here, and change there, and so began the process.

After what appears to be years, but in reality only a few months, we nailed down the new design and contracted out the work to our strategic partner, WebDevStudios. It’s important to note that this was the first project we have ever out-sourced, it helped tremendously knowing we were in safe hands.

So Welcome and Enjoy

We built this site for you, our existing, new, and prospective clients. It was meant to clearly illustrate what we do and hopefully remove the ambiguity that you might have felt in the past. Feel free to click through as many pages as you like, watch the new video, read up on who we are as a company, and maybe stop by and take a look at the faces behind Sucuri.

If you’re still unclear where to start, listen to our CEO introduce Sucuri and walk you through the process:

As always, we welcome your feedback. Its through that feedback that we came up with this and while impossible to please everyone, hopefully it pleases some.

Client Love

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our clients can confirm. Check out some real recommendations from real clients.

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