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Sucuri SiteCheck API

Integrate website malware scanning into your next project.

Sucuri SiteCheck is a remote website malware scanner we built and offer to website managers and partners. It has a small fee per month and you can now take advantage of Sucuri SiteCheck by integrating into your systems using our simple API.

To inquire about integrating the Sucuri SiteCheck API, email Sucuri at today.

Sucuri SiteCheck API

Sucuri SiteCheck Features

Sucuri SiteCheck is highly sophisticated and designed to identify a number of different malware types:

  • Obfuscated JavaScript injections
  • Website Defacements
  • Hidden & Malicious iFrames
  • Blackhat SEO Spam
  • PHP Mailers
  • Phishing Attempts
  • Malicious Redirects
  • Backdoors (e.g., C99, R57, Webshells)
  • Anomalies
  • Drive-by-Downloads
  • IP Cloaking

There are a number of blacklisting authorities that monitor for malware, SPAM, and phishing attempts. Sucuri SiteCheck leverages the APIs for the following authorities to alert you when you’ve been flagged:

  • Sucuri
  • Google Safe Browsing
  • Norton
  • AVG
  • Phish Tank (Phishing Specifically)
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor

Sucuri SiteCheck Advantages

Sucuri SiteCheck is a quick website malware and security scanner.

Whether you’re looking to integrate into your latest plugin, or are looking at ways to offer malware scanning to your customers, Sucuri SiteCheck is lightweight, super quick, and an effective tool to help users understand what’s going on with their websites.

Sucuri SiteCheck is also a great tool to help drive Sucuri affiliate sales. Allow your visitors to scan their website(s) and take immediate action with a Sucuri service plan if infections or blacklistings are present.

To inquire about integrating the Sucuri SiteCheck API, email Sucuri at today.

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