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Ron Piper stands by his name. He is the proud founder of the self-titled company ronpiper.com.au, a website that has been developing other websites and their applications across several platforms over the past ten years. But in order to streamline his approach and provide better value to his customer base, Ron recently shifted his focus on providing custom Wordpress web development and consulting services to digital agencies and designers throughout Australia. He thrives on being the go-to person as consulting with his customers complements their design decisions and produces an excellent standard of Wordpress solutions.

I help digital agencies and web designers build amazing custom solutions with WordPress, combining intuitive admin experiences and a pixel perfect front end.

As business began to boom, Ron and team manage hundreds of Wordpress websites now, working on several projects at once. Though a full schedule, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Being prepared in advance for anything, especially with major projects on his plate, it’s a necessity to ensure each day runs smoothly. Doing this, allows him to offer maintenance and security services to many of his customers who use just about any server, but WordPress is the most common. However, Ron says:

The big thing about WordPress security is that when issues happen (e.g. website hacked), you just don’t get the chance to schedule it in. You have to resolve it YESTERDAY.

Time is Money

When malware hit his clients’ websites it gave them a bad name and sometimes destroyed their data. Others in the web design industry recommended Ron go to Sucuri. Taking that advice, Ron enlisted the firewall feature first to help prevent any further attacks from happening in the first place. That move alone, has helped Ron save time trying to do this himself. What he likes most is that he is notified as soons as something looks suspect, and is assured that the Sucuri team is already working on the problem and trying to fix it.

Sucuri has allowed me to manage an enormous base of client websites without going crazy.

Ron can attest that without Sucuri, troubleshooting hacked websites is a nightmare. Manually checking all files can be boring, tedious, and ineffective. He knows from experience that many times malicious attacks can come back the very next day. Now, with Sucuri’s website antivirus, firewall (WAF), and agency solution plans this is no longer the case.

On every occasion Sucuri has resolved the issues for me completely and thoroughly without an issue. I’m not sure what I would do without Sucuri’s set of tools in my maintenance services. It is critical.


Líderes na Segurança de Sites

A Sucuri está no espaço da segurança de site há mais de 6 anos, analisando o que os hackers fazem e como eles o fazem. Este conhecimento está no centro de como a nosso tecnologia é construída.

Configuração Simples

Não é necessária nenhuma instalação, a tecnologia é ativada rapidamente através do painel da Sucuri e no nível DNS. As mudanças podem ser feitas através de uma opção de registro A ou de gerenciamento de DNS completo.

Pesquisa Ativa de Vulnerabilidade

A pesquisa da Sucuri é inigualável quando se trata de tentativas de exploração de vulnerabilidades. Nossa pesquisa é amplamente distribuída em todos os principais meios de comunicação e pontos de segurança.

Preços Acessíveis para Empresas

Os orçamentos são apertados, a demanda é alta. A Sucuri tem o luxo de contar com seu tamanho e sua juventude, trazemos o nível certo de entusiasmo, adaptabilidade e tecnologia para o jogo de segurança dos sites corporativos.

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