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Clients trust you. What will you say when they ask about web security? With Sucuri’s website security for agencies, the ethical and practical questions already have answers.

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Website Security for Agencies Helps Answer the Tough Questions

Whose responsibility is handling web security?

Securing an online property is the responsibility of its owner, but that’s where ethics come in. Clients might not understand the scope of your services. They know you built their website, so they’ll likely turn to you if it gets hacked. Handling that with poise separates established professionals from fly-by-night operations.

Should agencies make a profit from web security?

That’s entirely up to you. With website security packages from Sucuri, you get a bulk discount on protection for multiple websites. Pricing and allocation depends entirely on you. It might make sense to pass those savings on to clients. Or security could be a very attractive add-on to your core services. The choice is yours.

Should agencies know about every new threat?

Ideally, yes. But it’s important to remain practical. Bad actors work around the clock to create new vulnerability exploits, which may impact your client’s websites. Staying on top of the threat landscape takes time. Sucuri is home to a team of experienced web security experts who remain ahead of emerging threats, before they become your problem. WordPress Security Plugin Guide.

What if an agency has no website security expertise?

Hey, it happens. But you should still have a way to find answers. With customized website security from Sucuri, you get access to all the help you need. That might mean calling our support team, live chatting with us, or just reading our blog or guides. If there’s one thing to know about web security, it’s that Sucuri has your back.

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