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Más de 400.000 propietarios de sitios web confían la seguridad de sus sitios web a Sucuri. No porque tenemos alianzas con cada host y creamos cuentas automáticos dentro de nuestro sistema, sino porque ofrecemos soluciones reales a problemas reales. Para nosotros, la seguridad del sitio web no es un medio para un fin; es nuestra vida, es lo que hacemos y la seguridad de su sitio web es nuestra responsabilidad. Por eso hemos construido un equipo y un sistema en lo cual usted puede confiar. Deje que nuestro equipo se convierta en una parte de su equipo, seremos su socio de seguridad de confianza.

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Savvii, a fast, secure, and easy hosting company for European WordPress websites prides itself in offering excellent support and account management with a personal touch. Founded in 2013 by a group of passionate guys about the business - Flip Keijzer, Gijs Hovens, Alexander van Steen, and Ferdi van der Werf, had the company launch their first managed WordPress hosting and support in the Netherlands, expanding this service to other countries across Europe in Dutch, English and German. Today, Savvii works with thousands of websites, including high-traffic blogs and big WooCommerce sites. Their primary focus however, remains the same; to be a resource and aid European development & marketing agencies and site owners who work with WordPress, more specifically, in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

As Gijs Hoven, Marketing Manager for Savvii says:

We run a WordPress optimized hosting stack based on nginx, PHP and Varnish. Our VPS plans also include memcached. We run daily malware scans and offer our clients free malware cleanups if they run the latest version of WordPress and plugins.

Saving Time, Peace of Mind

In addition to offering a premium hosting stack for WordPress, Savvii also offers its clients comprehensive security services in order to keep their websites safe from hackers:

If a client website is running outdated software, we also offer a paid malware removal service. We also wanted to offer our clients a security monitoring solution for their domains and SSL as an add-on product (Hoven).

However, the team at Savvii quickly noticed, especially as they grew in size, that offering such a service as website cleanup was no small feat being such a time intensive job.

We were losing a lot of valuable time cleaning the sites up ourselves. Therefore, we were looking for an outsourced solution. We were looking for a partner to outsource the cleaning up of malware to. Three things were important to us regarding the malware cleanups: The cleanups should be thorough and fast, the process to request a cleanup should be easy, and the costs should be reasonable for us and our clients.

Savvii had came across Sucuri at several WordPress conferences (WordCamps) before and had also heard about Sucuri through friends and colleagues in the WordPress community so they gave it a shot. Soon after, they were using the continuous scanning and malware removal & clean ups on a daily basis to ensure they could respond quickly to any security issue.

Sucuri was very helpful in offering a specific plan addressing the needs of hosting companies like ours.The cleanups are carried out fast and thorough. By outsourcing our cleanups to Sucuri we were able to save lots of time and help customers faster. By offering the add-on product we could address a need of our customers and increase our turnover in one go.

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