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Arlington Independent School District

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I rely heavily on the expertise of our hosting provider and Sucuri for deployment of our advanced website security needs.


Arlington ISD is the 11th-largest school district in Texas with an enrollment of nearly 62,000 students. The mission of the Arlington Independent School District is to empower and engage all students to be contributing, responsible citizens striving for their maximum potential through relevant, innovative and rigorous learning experiences. Arlington ISD is home to award-winning programs that focus on academic success as well as the development of life skills.

The Challenge

Frank Sack is the Coordinator of Web Services. He manages, directs, and administers the Web Services department to ensure the legal, technical, and communication effectiveness of the District’s software systems and web applications.

He collaborates with the advanced teams of their web hosting company to secure their web server and is also involved with protecting local access points and vulnerabilities within the website software, including themes and plugins.

However, when an attack claimed their site, it was discovered that a malicious file was injected into the web server causing a script to run in the header.php file. In turn, it sent their visitors to spam and other phishing sites. This type of attack can potentially compromise visitors’ credentials, and instantly discredit the reputation of having a safe website.

We knew we had to act fast. I read several articles regarding website security from my most trusted sources in the WordPress community and they all use and/or recommend Sucuri.


Within a few hours, AISD set up an account with Sucuri. Our analyst team located the malicious files through a layered scanning system that involves manual review for conditional malware as well as automated scans. Frank valued the speed in which the issue had been resolved.

We are thrilled to have a stable and secure platform with active monitoring and ongoing protection.


Partnering with Sucuri has provided AISD the type of website monitoring and website application firewall services they were in need of. Frank continues to utilize the features of the platform to monitor and receive alerts at his convenience. Additionally, he finds it very helpful the ability to have granular levels of control access to the over the Sucuri platform in an easy-to-use dashboard. Sucuri’s geo-blocking, the increase CDN speed, and the availability of a support team in the event a security issue arises are added bonuses.

The agents were knowledgeable and provided quick and efficient support. I have enjoyed the webinars, articles, and knowledge base, finding them very helpful.


Thought Leaders in Website Security

Sucuri has been involved specifically in the website security space over 6 years, analyzing what attackers do and how they do it. This knowledge is at the core of how the technology is built.

Simple Deployment

There is no installation required, the technology is quickly enabled via the Sucuri dashboard and at the DNS level. Changes can be made via an A record switch, or full DNS management.

Active Vulnerability Research

Sucuri’s research is second to none when it comes to vulnerability exploit attempts. Our research is widely distributed and syndicated across all major media and security outlets.

Enterprise Affordability

Budgets are tight, demand is high. Sucuri has the luxury of size and youth, we bring the right level of enthusiasm, adaptability, and technology to the enterprise website security game.

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