Sucuri at WordCamp San Diego 2012

Sucuri at WordCamp San Diego 2012

Game on folks! Sucuri is proud to be a part of WordCamp San Diego 2012. Both Dre and Tony are two of the organizers of the event and can be found roaming the halls wearing their cool WordCamp San Diego jerseys! Here they are getting ready to have a good time!

New Malware – Eval + GetMama + Encoded Javascript

We are seeing many WordPress sites on shared hosts getting compromised with an encoded javascript malware. It has multiple levels of obfuscation and that’s how it starts:   1- ALL PHP files with an eval (base64_decode line of code: /*god_mode_on*/eval (base64_decode("ZXZhbC hiYXNlNjRfZGVjb2RlKCJaWFpoYkNoaVlYTmxOalJmWkdWamIyUmxLQ0 phV0Zwb1lrTm9hVmxZVG14T2FsSm1Xa2RXYW1JeVVteExRMHBvVmpGc2 JsTXdUa2RpVjFKWVRsZHdhMUl5ZURKWmJYYzFZa.. 2- That long piece of code, once executed gets decoded to: if (!function_exists(GetMama)){function opanki ($buf){$god_mode = $_SERVER["good"]; […]

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