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Time to take control of your WordPress security

Do you need extra security for your WordPress site? Want to keep it fully monitored and protected? Want to block attackers before they do any damage? You are on the right place.

Our CloudProxy WebSite Firewall will protect your site from attacks, DDOS, brute force, injections and malware. This is the perfect complement for our external security scans.

The Sucuri CloudProxy Firewall is available at http://cloudproxy.sucuri.net

How does it work?

  • Web Application Firewall. Block attacks before they reach your site.
  • DDOS and brute-force Protection.
  • Backdoor Stop.
  • Cloud-Based. Nothing to install and very easy to set up.
  • Activity and real time Reporting. Watch as your visitors go to your site and attackers get blocked.
  • Auto Hardening. Your site is hardened automatically. No need to install any other security plugin.

Performance Optimization

A common question we get is wether CloudProxy will slow down the site or affect their SEO. And the answer is no. CloudProxy will actually improve the speed of your site because of our high performance caching servers which does HELP with your SEO. Your site will be faster.

1-Click Hardening

In our presentations we always talk about the importance of hardening and following the best security practices for your site. CloudProxy users get all the hardening applied automatically and on-the-fly to their sites. Including:

  • Upload directory protected
  • Configuration file hardening/location┬áverification
  • Hardening of readme file
  • PHP protection
  • Theme/plugin files direct access
  • And much more..

Not sure where to start?

For pre-sales and sales questions, you can email sales@sucuri.net. If you have specific malware questions, or are reporting a problem, please email support@sucuri.net.

Client Love

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our clients can confirm. Check out some real recommendations from real clients.

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