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Sucuri Brand Reputation Badges Updated

For a better part of the last year we have been offering our clients a badge that can be proudly displayed on their websites. The idea has always been to offer a certain level of reassurance, to their clients and readers alike, that the site they are visiting is (1) actively being monitored and (2) […]

Partnerships: Sucuri &

Since April 2012, and Sucuri have been enjoying a symbiotic relationship. The two partnered in an attempt to offer cost-effective services to their clients. The family team at has recognized the need to get ahead of the web malware problem and understands that its not ok to simply shut down a site or […]

Introducing Server-Side Scanning

We’re excited to announce the release of a new feature to all clients – server-side scanning. Web-malware continues to evolve making it challenging to detect using only HTTP fingerprinting techniques, such as the ones SiteCheck is restricted to. As such we have been working to develop a new method of scanning that allows us to […]

Partnerships: Sucuri & WP Engine

In November 2011, Sucuri and WP Engine partnered to offer web-malware monitoring, alerting and remediation services to WP Engine customers. The partnership did not hold back on services, and that was intentional. Both of us share the similar opinions that the biggest vulnerability within the WordPress platform comes from lack of awareness and poor administration […]

Sucuri Gets a Facelift

It’s funny, Andrew Warner of Mixergy was recently conducting an interview and in it he brought up Sucuri. One of the things he said was: Those guys at Sucuri must be doing well, you couldn’t tell from their site though… That made us chuckle as we have been in the process of revamping a number […]

Sponsoring WordCamp Orange County 2012

We are very happy to help our local organizers with this year’s WordCamp Orange county by offering some financial support. If past years are any sign of what is to come, it should be a great opportunity for all WordPress enthusiasts to come together and share what we have learned over the past

Attending BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2012 – NYC

This year we have decided to make an appearance at BlogWorld NYC. We’re excited, it’ll be the first of this kind that we attend is should proof to help us better understand our consumers: About the event: Bloggers, Podcasters and Web TV content creators: Join us at BlogWorld & New Media Expo to learn and […]

Sucuri at WordCamp San Diego 2012

Game on folks! Sucuri is proud to be a part of WordCamp San Diego 2012. Both Dre and Tony are two of the organizers of the event and can be found roaming the halls wearing their cool WordCamp San Diego jerseys! Here they are getting ready to have a good time!

Sucuri at WordCamp Atlanta 2012

The intent is always to educate and engage with as many website owners and users. Mitigation through education… We’re kicking off the year at WordCamp Atlanta 2012. Here is Dre giving a new revised talk on end-user security. We’ll post the presentation at the end of the conference.

California Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)

We get a lot of questions from clients and interested parties regarding our location and incorporation. We hope this post clears that up. We are a US based company and have been since 2010. We were originally incorporated in Delaware as an LLC, as of December 2011, however, we made a choice to dissolve that […]


    • Sucuri helps me sleep at night knowing that our websites and user data is secure. Over the years, Sucuri has helped us detect and prevent major hack attempts. I recommend Sucuri to all of my clients and users because they offer the most comprehensive and cost effective WordPress security solution. I've done my industry research, and there's no one better than these guys.

      —Syed Balkhi, Founder, WPBeginner


    • Let's be honest: the web can be a scary place sometimes. Having done many a WordPress malware cleanup in my day, I've found Sucuri to do a better job than I ever hoped I could do. Not only are they thorough, but they're fast as heck and affordable to boot. You don't just walk into a bad situation without some protection. Sucuri *is* that protection.

      —Andrew Norcross, Founder & Lead Developer @Reaktiv Studios, WordCamp Speaker

      Reaktiv Studios

    • We partnered with Sucuri for our WordPress migration and dehacking services as their capabilities are significantly more comprehensive than anything we’ve seen in the industry.

      —Brian Clark, CEO of Coppyblogger Media


    • I like to think I know security, but there is only one company I trust when it comes to the security of my websites, that company is Sucuri. They are, in my opinion, hands-down the leader in web-malware protection and cleanup services. Trust the experts, hire these fools!

      —Brad Williams, Co-Founder WebDevStudios, Co-Author Professional WordPress Series


    • When you’re talking about protection for your WordPress site and the things most important to you — your content — you want to trust the experts. There’s really no better choice than the team at Sucuri.

      —Cory J. Miller – Founder / CEO of


    • Before Sucuri we didn’t know that someone was hacked until they told us. (Or actually, when Google blocked their site!) Now we find and fix problems before they even know what’s happening. It’s a Godsend, it’s as simple as possible, and it’s so affordable that quite frankly it’s irresponsible to not use them!

      —Jason Cohen, CEO of WP Engine

      WP Engine

    • As the owner of, a shared web hosting company, we are always fighting malware and spam. Recently we partnered with Sucuri and now all our accounts are monitored. I love this product! It not only protects our customers from malware, but these guys will fix a hack in 4 hours.

      —Carel Bekker, Owner/President of


    • Sucuri is my go to service for web based security and are the group that I recommend, exclusively, to my clients and readers, in particular WordPress users.  They are affordable, they work fast and they get the job done – as a bonus, they’re a fun group to work with!

      —Lisa Sabin-Wilson – Author: WordPress For Dummies; Designer, Co-Founder Allure Themes, Founder E. Webscapes

      E. Webscapes

    • Though I believe my sites are secure, it would be inexcusable for me not to use Sucuri’s service and be absolutely sure around the clock.

      —Scott Kingsley Clark, Lead Developer, Pods Framework


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